Importance of education in the child's life – What should parents do early in the school year?

One of the main areas of the child that affects how well it will grow into a successful, qualified adult is education. And the main thing that influences children's education is directly related to the quality and competence of teachers. Nowhere is this more important than in the first three classes of the school. These are the years where the children learn the basics of reading and mathematics.

There are special actions that a parent can take that will increase the likelihood that children will receive effective teaching at school. The most important thing is to determine the quality of the child's teacher. The best way to do this is to visit the classroom and follow the teacher and talk to it. There are certain things you are looking for: What is the teacher assessing in the classroom? Look at the classroom, look to see how the classroom is arranged and what's on the walls. You are looking for students who appear.

Watch how the teacher interacts with all students and how she interacts with students.

Talk to teachers about teaching, especially in reading and math. Ask what you can do at home to help your child.

Talk to your child's teacher, look for certain things about your child and how it's doing. Share with her some information that will help her deal with you baby.

Pay attention to how the child talks about school when she returns home from school.

Listen as she talks about her desire to learn and how she thinks about school and her teachers when she talks about her school experience

It's important that you take part in your child's learning, what she's learning, how it's doing in basic elements and what can be done to make sure it's on or over level in both math and reading in these very sensitive first stages. Further information is available at [].


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