HSC Schooling – dealing with unskilled teachers

This might be a controversial topic, but it's a problem that students generally consider: What if you're bad & # 39; teacher at school during your entire important HSC year?

First, what do you mean by a "bad teacher"? We certainly do not have a teacher who is strict and requires a lot of class (here we call it a great teacher!). However, a teacher is: may be less than ideal in terms of communication skills, have problems with their knowledge of their subjects, sets queries that do not conform to curriculum requirements are examples of someone who might be a bad teacher. [19659002] For students who aim for high ATAR, success in each of the subjects necessary to achieve this goal and having even one in-school teacher can have a significant negative impact on your learning.

Let's review some # 39 what if & # 39; s possible things you can do to minimize negative effects.

  • What if a teacher of knowledge in the academic field looks funny and inadequate?

It is not surprising that some teachers are having trouble with their own subjects – some teachers are utilized in new content, but (less often) others are just unhappy in their field.

Unfortunately, this is a common example that many students face and are very annoying for students who are really aiming to do well in HSC. There is no magic way out, you need to make the most of self-taught. Find motivated friends to learn / do business with. Find a good text book and read on. If a monetary and temporary commitment is not an issue, get directions on a particular subject, whether on a 1 on 1 basis or in a classroom.

  • What if my teacher persists places test questions that are not entirely in the curriculum?

Unfortunately, some teachers believe that their experience gives them the right to put unnecessary troublesome questions that break the boundaries of the curriculum. This is a serious problem because internal assessment determines the position that determines your ATAR. If you find yourself losing a signal due to unrealistic test questions, please report it to the head teacher.

Write the question and ask the teacher to state which part of the curriculum they are discussing.

  • What if my teacher is less than a professional, for example, excess time spent chatting with students / irrelevant issues
  • What if my teacher can not control the class, my peers are unhappy and the class atmosphere is not suited to learn afterwards?

Report a complaint to a head teacher (may be risky if you do this alone – your complaint may be fireproof). It certainly helps if a significant number of other students feel the same way. Other than that, there is little you can do, especially if the school is full of unfavorable peers who are not as enthusiastic as you should do well. In this situation, I would suggest teaching facilities so that you can interact with students from other schools, as well as getting better-quality teaching.


It's a real achievement to be one of the few students coming from a neglected school who can score a high ATAR. Students from these schools face unique contradictions, such as having unskilled teachers, limited resources or unmatched and often disrupted individuals. However, with a little increased work, perseverance and initiative (eg self-study, maintain a healthy working environment), the ATAR goal can be achieved. And it's extra rewarding to know that you achieved your goals despite what you're struggling with.


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