How to keep your school year acne

The school is like another home. As a teenager, we spend most of our busy hours in school where almost all sign language or drama evolves. For 95% of teenagers, the school is also where pimples and zits begin to appear. This can be annoying and interfering with your image and social life. What can you do to keep acne under control during the school year? Here's a handy chat club for all those who are most serious:

Handy Tip # 1: Keep Your Face Clean

Yes, late nights and roaring saints can become too tired to wash your face before bed. However, this can lead to a big deal the next morning. As much as possible, use the habit of washing your face before going to sleep and heading out to school in the morning. Dirt, oil, bacteria and dead skin cells accumulate on the skin all day and can clog pores and cause acne. Choose a dirty face treatment that suits your skin type, and then use a moisturizing moisturizer to keep your skin from flaking and drying. You can also use gentle scrub to exfoliate stubborn structure once a week.

Handy Tip # 2: Stop Picking Those Zits

It may be tempting to pick pimples or squeeze out the pus on zits. Unfortunately, this can lead to an atmosphere that can leave your face. Popped or pricked pimples also tend to grow back in the same place. Next time you get this motive for dad, try doing some exercise instead. This way you can fulfill your desire in a healthier, more human way.

Handy Tip # 3: Cut down on sweets and greasy foods

Chips, potatoes, burgers and milkshakes can be the usual diet for most students, but this can cause destruction not only on the image but also on the skin. Some studies have suggested the connection between high-fat, low-fat diet and bad pimple breakouts. To be on the other side, choose more food from the salad or fruit selection of cafeteria instead. These contain skin vitamins and antioxidants that have been tried to keep acne at bay.

Handy Tip # 4: Get Enough

One of the most famous pimple-rousers is stress. And nothing can stress your body seriously but constantly deprive you of the precious eye. Make sure you have enough sleep so that your skin has enough time to repair and recover. Have a hard time sleeping? Normal exercise helps not only sleep, it also reduces stress levels.

Handy Tip # 5: Experimental Treatment of Acne That Suits You

Not all skin is made equal. Some are oilier, more acne, or flakier than others. Do not be afraid to experiment with different skin care products to find out what suits your skin type. From natural acne treatment to treatment for benefits, there has to be a product that is just right for you. For stubborn rash, you can try to combine local surface ointment with vitamin supplements against acne. This way you can control oil production while taking current fractures to keep acne from coming back.


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