How to get into Harvard in 7 easy steps

Make sure your GPA is from the rookie year

This is not a brainer but should still say. Some students want to relax after middle school – it's a new environment, you can't have a good group of friends, you're still using everything. But the poor fresh year GPA can kill you.

You might think that one or two C-men may come up later with lots of AP and Honorary parties, while universities monitor FULL TRANSCRIPT . Several C & # 39; s definitely have easy courses like American History or World Geography will make Harvard think you can't even see basic theoretical material. It doesn't matter if you are 15 or 50 years old. GPA in upper secondary school is important – in four years.

Prepare and Take SAT Early

In a previous entry on the SAT before joining college, I discuss the "minimum" score necessary for Ivy League admissions.

My general advice is that you should shoot for the ultimate score (why not?) But be happy with the "good rating" (somewhat over 2100). Do not take SAT or ACT too often – more than 2x without huge 100+ steps every time you just do a little despair and impatience.

You should also start taking it early – take Duke University TIP in Middle School, take the PSAT in the Year of Innovation or Year at least once. Don't worry, it won't go on permanent record and Harvard won't be ready for you to have 1800 as academics in high school.

There is a great opportunity for early practice that is risk-free. Why wouldn't you?

Take part in clubs early

Notice the theme here – the beginning is great for joining the Ivy League. By participating in different clubs, your innovation year, you show yourself that Harvard is committed to certain interests / aspirations.

Ideally, you are participating in these same clubs for at least a few years. However, if you find that the Spanish club isn't really where you'd rather spend Wednesday morning, that's fine too – just make sure you don't go home to watch the Simpsons again.

Variety in Reason

I usually say that there is more about narrative stories than variety. After all, college admissions want diverse student organizations but don't all need to be quite well rounded.

But you won't get into Harvard as a simple horse. Diversity helps to a great extent. Play at least one sport, take yourself at least one operating cost.

Build a complete passion

At the point above, it's about one or two of your desires. Recording agencies want to have a clear picture of what you are – and that is high in your commitments, interests and how you spend your time.

Having a unified theme – for example, a passion for social welfare or love of music (as outlined in the band's participation and involvement in charitable charities and the like) is a great way to build clear identities that strong enough, is your best shot to get into Harvard.

Visitors area

I discuss this in detail in my instructions on Ivy League admissions. Basically show that hobbies are of great importance – especially in difficult times like today when there are 20,000 applications for the entire Ivy League youth school.

By entering the campus, you are clearly interested in that school. In addition, you meet people along the way who will help you understand whether you are better off for Harvard or Stanford, Penn or Brown.

Prepare for interviews

IMPORTANT – don't forget to start doing this early. If you are a strong candidate, then this is not something you wait until the last minute to finish.

The best way to prepare interviews for alumni is to practice interviews with family and older people – not your brother or your best friend. Let them ask you questions about your success, your life law, your reasons for wanting to retrieve Harvard.


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