How to escape an external language school and learn on your own terms

Most people have been studying foreign languages ​​at some point in their lives. For most, the first experience of foreign languages ​​was in the classroom. For many, it was also their experience. After one year or two, the average student will give up on frustration and / or boredom. They assume they just do not have talent for language. Unfortunately, this does not have to be. These people just do not use the right technology. There are many more direct ways to study language.

The main disadvantage of a foreign language school is that it is not addressed to your needs. As students in adulthood we learn the best when the information is specifically targeted to our needs and interests. Primary school, on the other hand, will have set a curriculum that is intended for much more general audience. The courses themselves will usually continue at the slowest student's rate. For each student, there will also be a lot of time as a teacher spends time with other students.

Successful students often take a far more independent approach to learning languages. They use methods that put them in charge. They decide what they need to learn and how they are going to learn it.

The first step is to gain basic development for language development and to learn the basic vocabulary. One of my favorite methods is to use only audio such as the Pimsleur Languge application. By using this method, you get a solid foundation on the basics quite quickly. I like to put them on my Ipod and listen to them while I'm stuck in traffic on my way to work. I usually come to the office with an uncontrollable urge to greet the first many people I met in a foreign language.

After you get the essential language fundamentals, the next step is to change gear and take a much more self-directed approach.

One powerful technique is to immerse you in a language. You can do this by retiring, moving to another country and living in a small remote village for several years. To survive, you must be forced to study the language.

Or if you are not fully prepared for such a radical step, you can immerse yourself in a language without going home. There are several options available to you. I recommend using all of them. Watch movies on target language, read magazines, listen to the radio or podcast, and most importantly, find native speakers to work with. But in any case, you immerse yourself in real life an example of the language.

Surround your language. Use the time to listen, watch, read and speak the language as much as possible and you will make progress in the language faster than any classroom student.


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