How to balance sports and academics as a primary school athlete

High school can be a busy time for all students, but for athletes, these trades can be tenfold. Learning how to balance sports, academics, social life and downtime takes serious dedication and time management skills. To help you maximize time, try these tips to learn how to control sports and academics in high school.

• Plan the week in advance. Set aside realistic times to learn, practice, train and meet other duties, and keep the schedule as much as possible.

• Use the same place to view the day. This will make it a regular part of your plan and soon becomes a different character.

• Be flexible when you can. Remember, life happens, so while keeping the schedule up, it's important, there are times when you have to change it.

• Do not forget about downtown. If you are constantly running, working, learning and exercising, you can start burning out. Even if you just take away for 30 minutes each night to read for fun, make sure your schedule will take you time to relax and relax.

• If you find an area where you are in a hurry, do not ignore it. If a particular topic pays you into trouble, consult a supervisor to assist in your studies before your grade starts running. If certain skills on the pitch cause you trouble, plan extra time each day to work with it.

• Remember to have fun! Be a good student and working athlete, but take time to enjoy yourself.

• Sometimes the same rule may start at the beginning, but with that you will find it complete on time and the schedule will be easier.

• Set high expectations for yourself, but do not be too hard for yourself. Remember, sometimes we get out of the ball.

• Try learning and exercise plans and styles until you find time management technology that works best for you. Many schools can get counselors with special training in time management. Use these resources!


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