How to attract women at tertiary level

We, as teenagers, introduced the party to have fun. We want to get away from difficult school hours a week, kick back and enjoy life a little. Parties, for that reason, are always filled with great energy, blasting music, drowning teenagers, laughing, fighting, etc. The point is that the parties are filled with extinction. There are usually two types of people in these "high energy" sources:

1) "Wallflower". (Those who grab their drinks -> sit / stand out of the spotlight -> enjoy the night quietly).

2) The "animators". (Those who are the center of attention / life party -> usually live the excitement / laugh / fun of others).

Teenage women view "animators" as usual charismat, self-confidence, funny, outgoing personality type, but "wallflower" is considered insecure, bored, closed personality. The fact is women's teenagers (and all women for that matter) GRAVITATE for the "entertainers" party. Teenage women of our time usually live a very moderate, boring life. They are looking for their male to give those who are pushing an exciting, adventurous, unpredictable lifestyle they don't have.

Women are absolutely sexually attracted to the positive energy that men have applied, so be welcome! Make a life party (I don't mean to get drunk in hell and make a fool of you) but definitely and casually rolled around the party with a smile on your face and partner with everyone. Make a short conversation with all the women there, but do it fun, exciting and sexually stimulating (by flirting with them). I find that living on the dance floor is a sure success in attracting women. Women love kids who dance, and if they are central to the big spotlight at the party, girls will love FAR.

You see … the key to meeting teenage women at these parties is not to go straight to them and force out an unpleasant conversation. The REAL KEY is making you known to the party, and others will flock to you (men and girls) because they were all the attention of the candidates. It's an infectious thing … think about it. If one girl is fond of your dances and "doesn't give a shit" attitude, she will approach you. When other girls see you dancing to that girl … they unknowingly mark you "as you like" and they will approach you (girls will be very jealous of another women's competition, so use it). When kids see you being connected to the dance floor with a group of girls talking to you near you, they want to take part in the success and approach of starting to dance near you or just say "what's up?" "

Before you know it, you are suddenly a center of attention for everyone, and everyone will shake you in either fear or envy. You will seem charismatic as people are gravitating towards you, and that is CHAIN ​​REACTION. How do you start the chain reaction? You do this by enabling active energy to reach the dance floor. Your main goal is to get just one girl NEAR you or dance to you. You do not believe the perfect success that comes from it, it is almost stunning. It literally puts it on the face, because I've done it so often. I'm not talking out of my ass here the boys it works.

Just build trust to live on the dance floor in the first place and everything else will follow. Don't try to gain your confidence by using alcohol, but looking at yourself, realizing that you live only once … and landing on the dance floor GUNNIN.

My successful philosophy of attracting teen women to parties is to dance. I'm not saying I'm a good dancer but as long as girls know I'm living in my life. They will love. If there is no dance floor, you still have to somehow become a party. I truly value the power of the dance, but I understand that there are "dancers" out there … and many of them. So if you start an exciting, safe "ounce" on the floor, it's not your thing – you have to be with me here.


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