How technology development has changed how Americans work

Technology has changed long speed for many Americans. In the past it was necessary to go to an office or workplace to get all the information that can be obtained to get that particular job. Now, with so many things from computers, iPhone screens, iPod parts, mobile phones and office equipment is so moveable, you can work many jobs at home or anytime. Some jobs have also become almost unpredictable because technology continues, enabling people to do it on their own. This article will talk about some of the jobs you could do anywhere and also jobs that have fallen aside as technology is advanced.

A self-employed person can do that job from any place and live wherever they want to live. This would apply to independent writers who may live in the country and communicate with their publishers by fax, phone and email and do their job in a barn if they want to. Other independent types of jobs would include: photography where they can send their digital photos to the computer or even independent advisors of any kind.

Many real estate agents now have only a home office to make the most of their work and when it's time to close, they go to their head office or title company to use the conference. Having to go to the office, because many people look silly especially when they are usually out and show assets to customers. With the help of laptop and BlackBerry phones, they become accessible and available as they are home or out to show homes. This saves business money because they do not have to office space for their realtors and it saves real estate commuting time as well.

Many in sales do not consider having an office to do their job and can do it from the comfort of their home. This is especially true of people who do all their marketing and selling items online or on their own website. As long as they have access to the internet, they are available to interact with customers and take orders and answer questions. In fact, some people have difficulty breaking their jobs because it has become so easy to do them anywhere. This can usually be seen on a vacation as one sits at the resort pool to strike away on a laptop or on their BlackBerry.

One example of a work that has been significantly reduced technology is a travel agency. Now many people choose to research and book their own travel plans online without assisting a travel agency. Easily accessing this on websites and the fees charged by travel agencies have virtually eliminated this profession in all respects.


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