How many hours a day should you have a home school

One of the most confusing in home school is how many hours you live in your children. Should you have your lessons every day, can you miss a day or two? These are very important questions that you must answer when you have a home school.

The great thing about home school is that you can be flexible with hours. You do not need to have classes from kl. 8 every morning. Maybe the child will learn more from at. 10 or even in the evening. You can teach them at any time for you.

How do you calculate how many hours you need to teach your children each week?

Many parents will have the schedule of how well students meet the subjects and how much content you will need each week. When looking over your organizer and schedule, you will be able to determine how many hours it will take to cover content. In public schools, they do not have actual lessons in their entirety, they have time between periods and then each time they have a certain amount of time it will take to call and get all the students up to date. So there is not much education going on. In addition, it may take time to teach your student, because you have to do it one by one with them, let them learn faster and better.

It is advisable to schedule a temporary plan for your home school, but you can still be flexible with that, your children will know that learning is part of their daily plan. They will know that at this time is time to learn. While you can change it as needed, it's always a good idea to have a temporary schedule that is the same daily.


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