How Information Technology Has Changed Valentines Day

Flowers, a box of chocolates and a romantic dinner; What they have in common is perhaps only one day, most held February 14th. Greeting card companies, flowers and gift products are looking forward to this day because money is being made to sell their products and services to those who express their love. What about dish clothes? The red color, when done at work, shows that you remember the day with other women wearing their red and holding their eyes on the doorsteps for the flower string. I'm sure the clothes store is aware of this and you'll find enough or red short sexy skirts, gloves and other outfits.

It was when the post office was busy with lots of mail that had to be delivered. Lovers would send cards and letters to each other and everybody would expect to receive something in the mail. I would imagine that people do not write as they used. Post offices throughout the United States seem to be struggling to be open because the volume is definitely down. The Christmas season seems to be their money maker. Technology has caused a ripple effect found in many industries. While many companies can work more efficiently, others have the effect that they are used less and less. Phonebooks are part of the past and when it comes to writing a letter or sending a greeting, it immediately transfers when you send text or picture messages to your smartphone.

Technology has not only changed the way we express it, it changes our health, how we express how we look and they admit a holiday like Valentines Day. You can order flowers online and send them anywhere. Online is no longer synonymous with sitting on a computer. You can order dinner, book a game and get tickets to your movies from your smartphone. Communication about romance allows couples to send them a steam message complete with a few splits, hips and thighs that say the man is in a hurry and get home. Instead of leaving the rooftops, which are from the front door to the bedroom, people become creative with technology and it has changed how we say "I love you" on Valentine's Day.

Poor Cupid, he or she, might as well trade in the bow and arrow and get a smart phone with an unlimited program. There are some dying hard letters that still see the value of a letter and I'm sure the post office appreciates your business. While the stamp price is rising every year, the number of smartphones sold is increasing to exponentially. What does this mean? People will continue to find options to communicate faster and who knows … maybe pen and pencil are hard to find.


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