How Do We Learn – The 5 Basic Principles of Learning

Since we are born, one of the most important mental roles we perform is learning. As a toddler, we learn to walk and talk. As we start school, we get into the alphabet, learn to make friends and start writing skills. We continue to learn a few, recover some, perform just enough on many while not beautiful in some subjects. Why do we do brilliant in some subjects and fail with others? How do we learn exactly? You can find the answers to these questions and more by understanding the 5 basic principles of the study.

  1. Learn by Principle : Have you ever heard that experience is the best teacher? It basically means that the best way to learn something is to do or experience it. A good teacher or training program uses tools for student participation, such as lab workouts, fieldwork, hand-training, group discussions, role-playing and audio aids.
  2. Learn When You're Ready : The best time to learn is when we're ready and instructed to learn. If you are not enthusiastic enough, you may be half-hearted. If you are interested, you will find something new to learn what kind of work you do, which can greatly help you achieve your goals. Teacher can help students become willing to let them know about the importance of the concepts they learn, their importance in their lives and the benefits they can gain from learning it.
  3. Learn What's The Right Basics : It's easier to study content that is significant and relevant to us than something that's irrelevant. For example, if you are learning to run, it would be wise to learn basic maintenance jobs, like changing oil. However, learning all the theory behind the way the car works does not exist.
  4. Learn the protocols : Getting started with something we know before going on related, but new projects. For example, when you learn to draw, it's more effective to start with simple line drawings that we know and gradually build new and challenging graphics.
  5. Learn by strengthening the principle : Repetition helps to maintain and remember what we have learned. Repetition reinforces the concept or skills in our minds. You must have seen the summaries, questions and diagrams in books. That's what they do. They strengthen.

Keep in mind the above-mentioned principals when designing any kind of study. These principals will definitely enhance the effectiveness of your study program.


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