Homeschooling your child using teaching materials

Themes are a fun way to homework your child. A theme can be created from any topic your child is interested in. A theme is simply a basic theme that you can learn from in your lesson plans. Some examples of themes include apple, bats, zoo, bed, fun in the sun, or even Dr. Seuss. You can choose any topic you want for your theme. Using themes will make your lesson plans creative, fun, and interesting.

Themes usually have time limits on which they are based. Themes can last from one week all the way to one month depending on the depth you want to approach your theme. I would suggest using a theme not longer than two weeks with your home-born child. The content of themes in your world school program is very simple and you and your child will both enjoy the fun of creating a thematic training program.

Themes need not be part of any teaching goal for the week. You can be selective and use the curriculum-based theme once or twice a day through your homeschool lesson plans. Let your child participate in the teaching process. Help your child choose themes of interest to him. When children take an active part in the lesson plan and given the choice, they are more willing to learn. I suggest getting your child to participate in all aspects of the syllabus preparation to maintain their interests.

Let's take the theme of the apples as an example of using themes in lesson plans. In science you can dissect apples and watch apple juice or you can discuss how apples grow. In math you can solve apples in half and fourth. In sociology you could learn about Johnny Appleseed. In the paintings you can read many books related to apples and even write their own apple apples related to them. In the art you can create apples by cutting up apples with paintings. In PE you can have an apple bomb, jump over apples or even bobbing with apples. For music times, you can find many songs related to apples to sing with your child. Make homemade apple sauce, apple muffins or apple marrow to the cooking class. You can create interactive bulletin boards using apples that your child creates.

The most important aspect of using thematic training with your child is to integrate themes into the goals of the child that must be met for the school year. A nice blend of themes in the curriculum of your basic goal can be both fun and rewarding for your child. Make learning fun and interesting by integrating thematic training curricula into your lessons.


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