Homeschooling Gifted Child

Having a talented child can be very difficult. But for many parents of parents, it is difficult for them to decide whether the child is talented. Even for professional teachers determining abilities is not an easy task. Diagnosing abilities themselves can be a rather gray area. Teachers haven't got a clear diagram, but there are some simple questions that you can ask to determine if your child is talented.

How do I know if my child is gifted?

  • Do they have great memory?
  • Do they have well-developed reasoning skills outside their typical age groups?
  • Do you have a long notice?
  • Are you very curious?
  • Do they have a thorough thinking ability with the ability to think in depth, ideas and combine information?
  • Do they have outstanding problems?
  • Do you have a very bright imagination ?:
  • Do you have a deep hobby that they are passionate about?
  • Do they learn fast with very little repetition or exercise?
  • Are they energetic?
  • Is fairness and justice important to them?
  • Are they very confident?
  • Are they doing very well socially with adults, teachers and even children?
  • Did they start reading early?
  • Do you have a strong vocabulary?

These questions are simply the starting point, but if your child shows many of these symptoms, they could be talented. Characteristics of abilities vary from child to child and your child may be different. To know for sure, you can always test them. The gift is based on their IQ levels or SAI (school competency level) as it is now called. Usually if your child scores in the twenties and thirties they are listed.

Gift certificates also tend to run in families … therefore, it would mean it was potentially genetic. If you have relatives who are gifted then there is a great potential for your child to be talented.

Married children also tend to have allergies. They often do not like noise, or are very specific about certain clothing devices (like having a shoe bound to a certain way!)

If you think your child is talented … the fun is just getting started! In fact, children's talents are usually very motivated. Your parenting job is simply pointing them in the right direction. Very interested young people can learn at incredible rates. If you can find out your passion and plan for your world school accordingly, you've just climbed your mountain!

Once you have felt your child's passion … the goal is to continue to enforce that passion. For example, if your child is gifted, make sure that they have lessons and instruments to stop the fire of that passion.


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