Homeschooling Dos and Don

There are days when home school is annoying or when you want to quit. These four rules keep home school fun.

Homeschooling Rule # 1 – Avoid Preventing Perfection

Perfection is carefully hidden from lies. It sounds good, but it actually sharpen your energy and causes you to run in circles. The perfect plan calls you down. The perfect setup system keeps you from walking outside the box. The perfect curriculum will prevent a survey. Perfection is a sterile copy of life.

Life changes. Life needs adjustment. Life breathes and grows and makes a mess around you. If you stumble in perfection, you will not be ready for the next problem that life throws your way. You will not be ready to adapt to your new home needs.

Home Rule Rule # 2 – Do not Let Your Curriculum Apply To You

Learning program can get boring. Teaching program can be great for one child but completely loses the needs of others. The education program can be old and old and timely. The great thing about home school is that learning is more than just a text file. Instead, learning about life. Home school is about learning your lifestyles and the curriculum is just a springboard for many interesting issues.

Your job as a teacher is not to force children through their textbooks. Your job is to bring them to the study program and show them how wonderful it is to drink. The joy of reading, wonders of science, mysteries of history, computer exclusion: all this is a natural part of childish wonder. We just need to fuel it.

Home Rule Rule # 3 – Remember To Have Fun

"If you're not having fun, probably the kids are not entertained either," my friend told me. My favorite lesson was when we investigated the units of flowers. Surely we read a lot of books about the life span of the flower and part of the flower, but the most fun was when we took different colored flowers and crushed them on paper. What a colorful chaos that was! We added mica and then cut paper in the form of butterflies: Art and science all at once.

Homeschooling Rule # 4 – Do not Be Feared

When fear becomes our motivation, we make wrong and unhealthy decisions. Fear of failure could lead to school being in school. Fear of state requirements could lead to excessive testing. Fear of disability from parents, laws and neighbors could lead to your children being shown on the screen that is not healthy. Fear of incompetence could result in excessive curriculum or excessive curriculum. Fear of not finding the perfect curriculum could lead to failure to reach a curriculum vitae.

See my team? Fear turns our behavior into something that is not healthy and causes us to walk either the way to perfection or lie. A healthier perspective is to let go of all those fears and jump into the fun, like a child.


Jesus said, "If you do not become like a child, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven." Home school is an opportunity to learn how to trust in the child again: love to study, explore without notice or fear, to trust that everything will end in the end.


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