Homeschool Vs Public School – Homeschooling to the public

If you are struggling to know which side you are taking with regard to your child's education, sit down and calculate each angle you choose.

If you send them to a public school, it will be ;

· Cheaper than private school at least

· Child's focus on development

· More resources and resources to train your child to be responsive

· Actual training and development of a child

· Can give you more time to do other chores at home

· A child can gain real life experience that will spread his mind about what life in this world is about

· Learn self-discipline to track the demands of the school that will be well trained to Achieve His Goals

· Abilities and skills will be discovered and could be a way to achieve their potential and achieve their dreams

· Your child can find friends and discover how to deal with different individuals [19659002] Why don't you like to send them to public school?

· Peer pressure that can lead him to alcohol, smoking, drugs, etc.

· He may be the victim of bullying

· Bad contact tha T can damage his useful habits

· Give you increased responsibility for choosing or dropping it to school

· Additional cost for transport, books, projects , various and etc.

. Child Pressure in School Projects or Projects

· Grandchildren and Sleepless Pleasure

· He may be misunderstood about sex training or swallowing other false ideas from young ones like him

· You will always be insecure if he is not home yet [19659003] · If there is a problem with your child about your child, you must be there

When weighing the advantages and disadvantages of the child in a public school, you decide to return home. You see that homework is suitable for you, why?

. Cheaper

· Your child will be under your love, you will have a great chance to be with him and shape it as you wanted

· More freedom for your child to choose the time and material he wants [19659003] More time for your child to rest

· Keep your child safe from the bad effects of the world

· Save thousands of money · Less stress and concern on your part as parents

· You can spend a lot of time and not train your kids only for headquarters, ethical values, emotional development, and proper information on gender education, must be properly learned.

· Although it is not good to be like a police spy in every move of your child, at least you can manage your child and guide him where he needed to be directed

· And most of all, you can develop a close friendship between you and your child. A valuable relationship that both of you will love over the years


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