Homeschool High School – Pros and cons of Veteran Homeschool mom

When we make difficult decisions, we always write pros and cons to help us make an informed decision. Sometimes we see the paper that the answer is even clearer.

From the Senate School Mommy, these are my views on the pros and cons of home schooling at college students:

Advantages for Colleges of Colleges of Colleges:

1. protection against negative synergistic effects

2. able to pursue an early career and study or to observe the reality of interest

3. can take university education early

4. Flexibility in scheduling – A student can get their job as quickly as possible as they choose

5. more time to spend with family members and family members like grandmothers

6. flexibility to learn more independently

Lack of home school in college:

1. reduced availability to participate in special projects such as lab or graduation

2. Family relationships can become strained because a student can start to trust more than a relative than a family member

3. potential conflicts about your ideas about what they should learn and their ideas about what they should learn and possibly lacking the motivation of the student.

4. less chance of being able to participate in school activities such as choirs, bands and sports (our school district allows homeschool students to take courses there, but not all schools allow it.)

5. Lack of guidance from counselor counselors on when to take a university degree exam, how to apply for colleges and career guidance.

6. Increased fees and costs of courses such as microscopes or other equipment that were probably necessary for education offered in public schools.

Each family needs to decide which issues are most important to them. Is supplementary education more important than a possible change in your child's attitudes or behaviors? Are you willing to give instructions to a school counselor so that you can have a more flexible plan? Only you know your values ​​and what you think your child needs.

In my opinion, praying should be of great importance in your decision whether or not to stay at a primary school age. God has bought you so far. He's not going to leave you on your own to float hiring that makes you the best decision.


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