Home School – Think Again!

Based on homework? Let's look at why this is becoming an attractive option. Are you responding to what you see in public schools or in private schools? Have you had a bad experience with teachers? Does your decision have a negative or positive root?

From a negative point of view, it will only take you so far. When the broken condition is removed, you will lose your motivation. Instead, why not list the reasons you want home-school? There is a high commitment in time, cost, physical and emotional energy. You want to start from a positive mindset because you are going to run a marathon in your life!

Have your spouse or friend rated on the following statements on the scale 1 to 10; 1 is very small and 10 are very large.

I love being with my children 24/7.

I have a lot of patience with my children.

I can live with imperfections.

I can continue to focus to the end.

I'm excited to learn.

My kids think I'm nice to be with.

I'm a positive person.

I understand my strength.

I understand my children's strengths.

I have my partner support.

How did you score? Score less than 75 may indicate to review your decision. Taking this file can be the fact that you need before starting such an ambitious company. You may need to deal with situations properly and have collisions that you have far more to avoid. Perhaps a change in school or classroom may be the answer. Knowing the driving force behind your decision will help you make good.


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