Home school – my story

There are many roads to home school. Mine started with the conviction that it was good to do. Why did I form this conviction? Well, I had been a school at my mother before sending me to a dormitory in the campus seven years! Yes, I hear you gasp, she had no choice in creating a "woop-woop" so that was the fact of life for me and many contemporaries. Actually, the classroom was not so bad – it was in many ways one of the best schooling experiences I had, and over time I left school, I had a lot of them. I spent three years in my schooling and then went to a church-based day school. It was not bad either but before moving to college, we moved back and I finished elementary school and did the upper secondary school on school days. In the end, I had shown a fair selection – three countries, six schools, day and tables, private individuals and states.

When theoretically merged with practicality, the choice became a little blurred. Would I be wise to stay with me, beautiful girl or send her to school with all her little friends? I had a few years to think about what I reasoned. At about 2 years old, I reviewed her by an expert in ADD / ADHD disorders. "Yes," he said, "I have no trouble analyzing her ADD." Now my beautiful girl was wearing labels throughout her life – NOT if I had anything to do with it. The wavering was over – despite the law enforcement barriers at the time home school was in.

To begin with being a citizen, I had trouble understanding the common sense in the community that homework was only legal if you were a teacher. Of course, this was wrong – I had every right to educate my children as I suggested they were educated, that's why I live in democracy!

I went to the first World Congress Conference and approached a man I knew had been homework for several years, had a large family and some were even adults and successful. "I want homework, How do I start ?" It must be the question everyone asks for. He looked up and down and said, "Just do it." I missed the reaction and lack of a targeted strategy. What he said makes a lot of sense now at the end of my journey but did very little at the beginning.

When my little baby was five, I decided to start and expect I had one year to try my homeschool and if I did not get into miserably she could always go to school. So I started schooling at home – forgive me now if I say that the world is a difference between home school and home school but I explain. The school is a comprehensive education, up to six hours a day, specific topics specifically taught – home school is a custom solution – custom for teachers, tailored for students, flexible and single-person. It was a journey from home schooling to homework and it took me a while to figure it out.

It was a bit of a struggle to find relevant content – I just did not just think, especially for early reading, writing and spelling; so I helped write it! So I started as an affiliate in the business world.

There were days when I thought it was far too hard that I did not do my children justice, they were better off to school, my homework was hugging my style because my kids were with me 24/7 . When I started finding content, I was happy (some of them were not in print – good teaching material is always today, even if it's out of print), and getting used to it, made it easier. It was very enjoyable that every time I doubt that something little will happen to me, I decide to keep going. Something like seeing the modern society and realizing my children could do better, or teach scholarships at school at the various social gatherings we attended.

Day by day and year after year. When my kids were in high school, I saved the opportunity to continue at home school or go to high school. They all chose a boarding school, made TAFE short courses and schools. When it came to college, they had no trouble doing what they wanted to do. The first power of animation, another hairdresser. The third is to look at real estate as a career and fourth – it still has a few years to think about it. Looking back over time now – desirable is 20/20 – home school is one decision I will never regret. That's what I did SO correctly.

What I always wanted to do was the feedback I received from people when I told them I was a school. The most common question was "What about their companionship?" I often wonder that people asked the question really understand the meaning of the word. I wondered that people really thought we lived like Hermes, closed from the world and spoiled the community. The answer I heard that I liked best was that God would have children to be homosexual that they were born in garbage – but that did not fit all the audience! In twenty years, I have been a homemade attitude of people who have changed from being rather hostile to one of the admirations. Now I think I'm probably doing what other people do not have the courage to do.

Another question I received from primary schools and others was: "What will you do when you get to college?" I did endless research on the subject that just confirmed the process we actually did when my oldest tried to get into her animation. After choosing a course, she submitted her form to a university with this course in first place. When the deals came out, she received her fourth place offer. She touched the TAFE in question and asked if she had a student ID – she had the way she had done the short day! Good to say, you are an ongoing student. She also found out that her teachers and students in her class were often surprised that she "thought it was a home school" – quite what it meant she had no idea! If you want to do something bad, you will find a way to do it – if you get to college, your goal is, I undoubtedly will achieve it.

What was the most important part at the end of the road? Good discipline was certainly one of them – I would never recommend home school to parents who can not keep up and rule at home – it would make a very unpleasant trip. Communication is important – your kids will go through all the teenage feelings but always leave the door open and never teach them to let the sun set their anger. Children are masters of justice – they are happy to go with it if it is fair.

Remember that the basis of education is literacy. Children (and adults) can learn everything if they can read, write and spell. It makes life much easier if they have a basic number – temporary table, set value and understanding of basic accounts. Recognize learning situations – far from keeping your children isolated from the community, embracing it as an educational environment, encouraging them to move out of their comfort areas – their safety is following you for an experience. Keep it simple; do it well


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