Home school is easy to defend

If you are considering a college or are already doing it, you know that it can be a very controversial decision. I'm sure you've heard complaints from dozens of people and at least one has told you to keep your child at home could damage their personality. You may have heard some crazy threats from well-known teachers. And you're wondering; "How do I choose my school at home?"

You are not alone. Most families who choose to educate their children at home deal with these challenges from friends, neighbors and teachers. But home school is easy to defend. Allow me to explain very briefly a solid three-part protection that you can use with anyone who chooses you.

First, you have statistics on your side. Statistical statistics are overwhelming. The kids who have been taught at home do not just perform their public school against things with my little ones. They exceed the average public school of the child by 30 levels. It is also important to point out that these statistics do not change if a parent who provides education has no university experience. A college degree does not matter in teaching your children at home.

Also, it does not matter. The average family teaches children at home spends less than $ 500 a year. However, the local government can spend up to 9,000 dollars per child, per year. So public schools spend too much money and end up with levels that are much lower than average home school.

The other defense team you need to use are negative benefits for home schooling. This will cover the concerns most people have about social development. Lack of socialization is a common complaint against homeschooling.

But is that fair? The community found in most public schools is not ideal. It is not controlled by parents. The child in public school and even a private school can suffer from all types of things that you as a parent would not accept. You might remember what you learned from your friends when you were at school. The terrible things that your parents were probably trying to protect yourself from, came to light you through friends at school.

These negative examples are valid items that must be used as defense. It is fair to point out what a child is born of being at home.

In addition, you could share other social events your child puts. Name the athletes they play on, or dance games they take every week. Perhaps it's the musicality or boy scouts they enjoy. Remember your opponent in these weekly events.

Finally, share your homeschool decision as a personal conviction. Instead of requiring all parents to be a primary school, inform the other person that it would be a personal choice based on conscience. If the person you are talking to can not accept it, ask them where their power lies in making such a strong case against your conscience. They should not feel threatened by your choice as long as they know it's your own convictions and not the law you want proxy for their lives.

Who knows, they could be convinced of the end of the conversation. If you're cool, share the facts and welcome conversation, you'll probably win your support.


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