Home school – How to set up a curriculum

It's important to set up a curriculum for your kids at home and that sounds awesome. However, it does not have to be difficult. There are plenty of complete and economical (and even free) resources available, and most of the work has been done for you already.

Make sure you have a list of the topics you need to teach, and remember that the list is very different for preschool and elementary school. Preschools and preschools work letters, numbers, shapes and colors. Primary school teachers work on math, reading, writing, art, history, music and science. Life skills, advanced mathematics, specialized science and other courses are added to elementary and high school.

View your state's standards

There are some national standards, but be sure to review the state's state of the art for each "grade" you have students in. Look for your education. When you're on the site, look for "scientific standards" or "mathematical standards" and other articles.

For example, I'm in Colorado and I have two children in the fourth grade of mathematics.

The name and number of rankings is 4 in 4,123? Are there units, tens, hundreds or thousands? Who's bigger? 4,523 or 4,532?)

Use numbers to measure, count and order. [How long is this magazine? Which is the fifth in line?]

Develop a few numerals to determine if answers to problems seem OK. (Is 450 suitable answer or approach for 4 x 110?

I completely rewrite what Colorado says in the aforementioned guns. The government standards do not always make much sense in their reading. Your library or bookstore. In the bookstore, find the workbook and look for the level and subject matter. After viewing the content, your mind should be able to link the work to the books to the state of your statement

Get a copy of "What your X Grader needs to know"

It's a series of books called What Kindgartner needs to know …, What is your sixth child? Grader needs to know and more. Go to your store, your library or Amazon and look through The chart with c ontents and you will see a list of topics to teach your children. Even better, the actual book has information on all these items.

Look at classical men tune

Check out the book The Well-Trained Mind . The book promises some ideas, including, with the same materials, giving the kids different components of the subject at different stages of development. It's good to have Odyssey read to them, and it's good for high school to read Odyssey . Both kids will get something else from Odyssey and ideally record the story at different stages of their lives. In addition, the book adds the idea that all knowledge is related. You need to understand mathematics to study and do science, and science is subject to mathematics. Evolution of science is important for our world history and how communities have developed.

After it

After you decide what you need to teach your child, search for that topic. I recommend the library. Even if one particular book is not in your library, you can find other similar books or have your library from the book from another library.


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