Home school against public education

For a large number of families, children's children's schools are a realistic choice for public education for a variety of important reasons: Strengthen the family, provide adequate education, and promote ethical and religious values.

Many parents have a perception of the education system of the public education system in the United States to believe that home school can offer better education to its children and lead to better opportunities later in life.

Homework Training Effects

Homeschooling studies far removed from the very strong beliefs of parental parents. A comprehensive national study showed that home-based students achieved better results than private and private schools in all classes. Indeed, many college students are enrolled at grade levels that are higher than their counterparts of the same age.

Homeschoolers have a higher proportion of upper secondary education, higher proportion of university education and higher proportion of university education.

Home school is about more education

But for some families, better education is not the only reason for college. Protecting from a strong world that encourages anomalies from a successful path is another, as is the opportunity to strengthen the family.

Adolescence is a very important time in the family structure. Spending six to eight hours from home can severely harm the ability of young people to cement family relationships. Over time, subtle changes can cause family relationships, especially in their lifespan and adolescents. By providing homework, parents can prevent this break and help strengthen the family alliance.

In addition, many believe that public education does not comply with standards that homeschooling can provide. Nobody is an investor in a child's education, but his parents and home school curriculum can help the child learn. For example, a school teacher can classify the child's paper and tell him which answers are correct and who is wrong and understood. But parents who are homework their children can spend time explaining why the answers are right and wrong to help them learn better.

Many parents also believe that a child's educational program should not only be academic education but also a theory of morality, ethics and value. According to recent surveys, about 77 percent of Americans are defined as Christians. Christian values ​​are an important part of our society, and providing children's home school is a great way to ensure that they are social and ethical values ​​as well as academic education.


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