Home School – 6 Reasons Why You Should Have Your Home School Kids

Here are the reasons why you should not send your children to a traditional school:

1. Out dated education system.

2. Major categories.

3. Continuous budget.

4. Growing crime at school.

5. Mediocrity.

6. Lack of accumulation of construction studies.

Educational Educational System:

The education they teach the children at school has not been changed since the children's bombings were retrieved. They are teaching industrial age education at this age information. The system really needs to be revised because we live in a different world than the industry age. What worked for Grand Daddy sure is not going to cut it for our children when they graduate. More guys leave school these days deeply in debt before they even get a job or a good start to life. Something tells me they do not really want the population to be too smart. Something is definitely wrong with this photo do not you think? Now, they (the government) expect to be dumb enough to make their excuses that the reason for the increase in fuel prices is due to supply and demand issuance. Do you really think there's not enough gas to go around? Why are all automotive manufacturers of automotive gas helicopters SUVs, including Toyota, previously known for their little cars?

Highest Categories:

Size types were usually around 20-25 students not too long ago. Nowadays, 30 – 35 seems to be the norm. Do you think the teachers can handle this class? They can only handle what they can handle for a while. Can you teach them? They only pay so much to do their job. Most teachers work only in accordance with the main classmates. Yes, there are some teachers who are really proud of their work and are willing to increase the interview with their students, but they represent the minority. If your child is a difficult student, he or she will not receive the same treatment that the workers want.

Continuous Budget:

The Government spends much more on ward and space research than teaching the children who want to receive when and if we ever get back to work. When they allocate money for education, it mainly goes to public schools but higher levels. Klippur is the main reason why our average class size is 30 – 35 students. They are learning to employ enough professionals to teach students. They even cut back on books and supplies. I've even heard of school without soap regularly in the rest room at many public schools across the United States and Canada.

Rising Criminal Activity at School:

This must be one of the biggest concerns that a parent could go through. We hear all the stories of Columbine Highschool Shooting; Well this type of thing seems to be growing concern for the government. Almost every month you hear some kind of incident that includes a gun in our schools.


They are teaching our children how to settle for less than what they are worth instead of teaching them how much they can be. Our children are not sheep to feed the economy. They deserve best and it does not come from a traditional school. The middle class is quickly disappearing in the US and Canada and the main reason is because this medium is trying to make everyone swallow. Perhaps there are so many who believe everything the media (government tool) tell them nowadays.

Lack of resource Building Education:

When did you hear about a class that teaches you how to become a millionaire? The next thing that comes close to the academic progress is perhaps a course in business or management skills. Most of these categories are meant to work for businesses instead of building an empire.

These 6 reasons should be more than enough to make you think about what they really are teaching your children at school. I would encourage you to look into these issues a little more before even thinking about taking the kids out of school.

Teaching your children on your own can be overwhelming for someone without experience, but it's definitely possible.

Education is not a priority of the government. I do not think they really want the crowd to be too smart.

What do you think?


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