High School Wrestling: Becoming Super Wrestler

Steve Austin, astronaut, man hardly alive. Gentlemen, we can rebuild him, we have technology. We can make the world the first bionic man. Steve Austin will be this man. Better than before. Better. Stronger. Fix. – From the Opening of the TV Series The Six Million Dollar Man

Can we create a better, stronger and faster criminal?

What is the best equipment for a breast? Even though I'm no longer competitive, I still catch this question. The information I find finds confusing and contradictory at times.

Even though my competition days are probably behind me, I've continued to be interested in tackling and wrestling. I was still surprised in my adult life what a situation could create a complete struggle. I did a lot of research online and in books and started supporting things together.

What insight did I get? Let's see.


I was familiar with the concept of restructuring as early as 1980. I think I first read about the bodybuilding / fitness magazine. I do not remember the exact information about the article, but it returned to me.

I did not start using the internet regularly until around the new millennium. In some studies, I reviewed two articles that focused on time consuming for wrestling. I think the first article was just the right Season and was written by Ethan Bosch.

The other article was entitled Seasonal Plan and was written by Richard Fergola. These articles greatly fascinated me. Articles described what type of training to do at each level of the calendar year. It was very exciting to find a real drawing about how to train year round to be in the best situation to struggle.

Mark Ginther's Strength and Trainer claims that the maximum condition is impossible to last for more than a few weeks and therefore some kind of time-out is necessary to succeed.

Baseline adjustment often involves three stages: preparation, competition and transition. However, there are many other types of periodization.

Energy Systems

In elementary school I read an article that explained how different types of gravity could lead to strength. power or muscle stiffness. This confused me a bit, because I thought that the Soccer Manager needed all three qualities. I'm not sure when I learned about the difference between aerial and aerobic sports. This term was a bit confusing too because I could remember to breathe hard and feel my heart after struggling. And yet it did not work like driving a few miles. It touches strength and power. In the early part of the new century I also learned in three energy systems and how to train them.

The ATP system provides feedback in approximately. 0-15 seconds. The glycol milk sample provides energy for about 15 seconds for 2 minutes. The antenna gives power for 2 minutes and beyond. I was still a bit confused because the college school fits six minutes. But there are no six minutes of continuous constant activity. A wrestling match is punctuated by many powerful bursts of activity. Thus, wrestling uses more energy from the first two systems and is definitely aerobic. And knowing that allows you to train accordingly.

A very good article I discovered by Mike Frey was Heart Surgery Training for Criminals . In two parts of this article he writes: "The whistle has signaled the end of your first timing." Why are you tired after only 2 minutes? "

" Yes, why is it? "I thought.

Frey writes:" Driving long-term conditions works the body's physical energy system for long-term energy, as we need to maintain high energy very quickly and recover in a short period of time. "

You see a warrior needs not only resistance-tolerance, but also pressure. Mike explains many ways to improve threats at once. It's a very informed article and made a real impact on me.

Mike closes the 2nd part of the item by say: "Heart and exercise training for criminals is more than driving 2 miles or cycling around the block. It provides a good basis for cardiovascular disease, but it is an aerobic training and condition that will carry you up to the top. "

GPP / Workstability / Strongman Training / Olympic Lifting / DensityTraining / Kettlebells / Plyometrics / Miscellaneous

I grew up on the farm. I used to carry cups of hay and pails of grain each Day I lifted and transported bags of lime and feed. I digged fences into holes. In other words, I did a lot of physical work. This was my way to build GPP. A term that is closely related to GPP's

I think it was written by Matt Wiggins who first acquired my attention to the concept of working capacity.

With more work capacity, you can do more amount of condition. Having more work capacity is like having bigger "gas tank." If you have a high work capacity, you will not gas out in the end to struggle a game.

A wrestler will absolutely benefit from improved workforce. He will be ready for great work and will be able to improve faster.

Strength and facilities expert Ross Enimait says: "All athletes can enjoy a good workforce. This is especially true of athletes. "In addition, he writes:" Improving workplace capacity is one important step to help the body to train more often and more. "

Strongman training that involves pulling the road sledding, swinging a slick hammer

Some mentors think that an Olympic permit (eg energy purification) is useful for athletes athletes, while others do not. The same thing about plyometrics.

I've heard a good deal about kettlebells, clubbells and indian clubs.

Density training often involves trying to do more work at the same time or the same amount of work in a short period of time. How many push ups can you do in ten minutes? Try to double the number push ups that you can do in ten minutes. Think you will not be in a better condition? Or could you continue to do the same amount of pu sh ups and reduce how long you are between sets.

You should read about density training.

I expect there to be a lot of monitoring of the body and various devices and devices that can be used.

Traditional ECG

Basic Training Training has been the main component of training programs (including crime) for decades. This type of training (think slowly slow jogging) is intended to increase the CPR concentration and tightness and muscle tightness, leading to increased blood flow in the muscles and improved muscular rigidity.

Sounds okay, right? However, a growing number of treatment therapists requires aerobics (traditional cardio) is useless and sometimes even dangerous.

Some people say, for example, that aerobic exercise can slow you, cause adrenal gland and worsen testosterone / cortisol ratio one.

Additional training is recommended as an option. Interval training involves a variation of high-intensity exercise by a small to moderate-intensity exercise. For example, a man could sprint for 40 seconds and then jog for two minutes and repeat it for a few seconds.

On the other hand, Charles Staley writes in his article A Basic Primer on Endurance Training . "Note: Many facilities experts wish to develop an aerodynamic foundation, which feels that highly developed aerodynamic capabilities are anti-effective to achieve speed and strength. However, the air system is based on the atmospheric pressure system, so at least it seems logical developing the system that will promote lactic acid clearance during high training. Edition of how much aerobic work has been completed and set in the training process. "

Several assistants are experimenting with sprinting (including haystacks).

In the Journal Biological and Performance Changes from Adding Splash Disorders to Glide Training Farzad et al. (2011) situation, "Our findings indicate that a recurrent sprint interval lies with short inactive recovery periods, over 4 weeks periods are useful to enhance both aerobic and anaerobic performances.

Total testosterone participants performing popup windows

Lactic acid training

Wrestling is considered to be primarily aerobic sport. Earlier, I mentioned three energy systems. One of the energy systems that deal with it is called lactic acid or lactate system.

The lactate system can be linked to burning sensations that are found to be of high activity. Therefore, the launderer can wear his body to endure and use lactate, it will become less tired and will be able to deal with more intensity anymore.

According to sponsor Jonathan Siegel : "In terms of improving the use and rejuvenation of lactic acid in the muscles, stu la laktatþröskuldur (LT) for the production of enzymes (MCT-1) is important to transfer lactate in the muscle cells where it is converted into pyruvínsýru for further exercises. The more MCT-1 you have, the higher the rate of milk conversion and the greater the muscle tone. LT intervals also increased the number of catalytic converts (primary energy) plants) and capillaries (blood vessels). "

According to Owen Anderson, the author of Lactate Lift-Off one method is to increase lactate threshold and ability to purify lactate to perform an exercise which it refers to as lactate doses.

The lactate dose is divided into two minutes close to the maximum speed running 4 to 5 minutes of easy jogging until you have finished 5 to 6 of the 2 minute jumps.

Blasts dive muscle cells in milk sugar, and recovery in Christmas gift allows muscle fibers to clear the lactate that has Over time, this workout should increase significantly the MCT concentration, lactate clearance, lactate threshold and capacity.

In an article at Science Daily website entitled Lactic Acid Not an athlete poison but energy – if you know how you use it exercise engineer George Brooks and UC Berkeley training museums Takeshi H Ash Imoto and Rajaa Hussien are identified and investigated for lactic acid.

According to the article at Science Daily :

"The world's top athletes continue to compete with interstitial disturbances," said Brooks, referring to repeated short-term training. . "The dermatological training generates a lot of lactate, and the body is adapted by building cranberries to cleanse lactic acid quickly." If you use it, it will not accumulate.

In the Journal entitled Required physiological foundation for wrestling: Impact of contingency plans, Kraemer, Vescovi, & Dixon (2004), "The main goal of training in circulatory disorders is developing high hydrogen ionic and lactic acid levels that will significantly increase acid-blocking activity within the body. "

Requirements are simply a series of exercises made in Fashion as you move from one exercise to the next with little or no rest. A good description of the collision course that is specific to to be found in the report mentioned above, in articles online and in the book entitled Manual

Pavel Tsatsouline / Strength

Pavel Tsatsouline, Masters of Sports, is a former Soviet Union, a personal trainer, coach and author Power to the People : Russian Strength Training Secrets for Every American and some other books and articles.

Pavel believes he has to lift heavy weights for little reps. Bodybuilding has no place in most athletes training in his opinion. He says: "The punch bag that came up with a light plot / high reps formula for martial artists did not have a slight idea of ​​either strength training or martial arts."

He also says: "The best training formula for the warrior is heavy, 80-95% 1RM, weight and low, 1-5, repetition."

Any athlete, including criminals, may become tired and wounded by following a training program with high training. If you have no energy left to practice, what's the matter? Pavel concludes: "If they go to a minimum rope, heavy, inexhaustible training – three sets of three or five sets of five – they would not get a wound."

Strength training should never interfere with your wrestling training. If the exercise makes you tired and tired of being okay. You can not exercise your well-being well if you are heavy in weight training. You can not score good takedowns if you are tired and wounded.

If you're struggling, you're tired and tired of it's okay. However, your training training should not be. Strength training is not available. You should get plenty of conditions while you are working in wrestling from drilling, living wrestling, calisthenics, etc.

Strength training is also not a way for you to prove how strong you are. Save it for the meeting. No matter how much you can wait short if you walk out and get stuck. Lift heavy weights, but keep the overall level of strength training low.

Strength training is only available to give you the potential of equal opponents.

Barry Ross / Strength and Speed ​​

Sponsor Barry Ross is mostly known for his work in the field, especially bouncy. Ross helped coach Allyson Felix in high school. Allyson Felix has gone to become an Olympic silver player and world champion. You might wonder what this has to do with wrestling.

Well, interesting with Ross is that he was investigated by researchers Peter Weyand. According to Ross, "Weyand and his colleagues proved that simply gaining strength is not enough. Marely amount of force applied on the ground that increases the stigma, it is the amount of force associated with body weight."

Ross realized that increased mass specificity means getting stronger without adding volume. Do not most criminals pretend to grow stronger without getting the amount? I think so. How do you do this? Ross had his bombs lifting heavy weights for little reps and focused primarily on the death level. In his article The Holy Grail in Speed ​​Training Ross writes: "The deadlight was not a favorite in our eyes until we knew an interesting and strongly stimulating fact: World and European powerlifting records show that deadlift and score tables are less than 10% or less of each other in all weight classes, both men and women. Deadlift led to the perfect restructuring of our strength training. "

Ross never has his athletes train to miss. He simply gets his athletes very strong. He believes in philosophy: "Do as little as you need, not as much as possible." This is similar to philosophy strengths and training coach and coach to boxers and UFC fighters Steve Baccari. Interchingly, Baccari is also a fan of deadlifts. Baccari says: "In my opinion, simple training is the only productive way for the race to force a train. Furthermore, because I think that's one reason why my fighters work so much." Baccari also says: work is like putting money in the bank to collect on the fight night. "

I think the homework for criminals is that you should not wear yourself by lifting weights to run out. Lift heavy weights for little reps (never more than five) and get very strong. Lactic acid training and condition take place , but do not forget the importance of pure strength.

Dan Gable and Rocky Marciano / Work Projects and Facilities

Dan Gable does not really need a presentation. He was one of the biggest American criminals who ever put their feet on the table and sometimes the greatest co-trainer in history. Gable ethics and state were legendary.

Gable used great work from an early age. In high school years he was resistant to the exhaustion of the teams, and then he would look for a new partner. Some would have called him a fan in terms of state.

Gable had to say, "obvious goals were there – state champion, NCAA champion, Olympic Games i. Exercise someone to take care of my mum. "

At his university in ISU, Gable & # 39, the goal was to work so hard that he would not be able to let go of the room under his own power. He came close sometimes, but managed

According to the book A season at dinner: Dan Gable and search for perfection after losing his final break (after 117 straight victories on ISU), "In the next two years Gable will worked out three times a day, eight hours running and a lift and hard wrestling, driving for the Olympics. "What did Gable do after winning a gold award at the 1972 Olympics in Munich? According to the book," The day after winning a gold medal in Munich, he ran four miles. "

The year before Gable had responded to working the same way. In the morning after the 1971 World Cup in Sofia, Bulgaria, Dan Gable was running and was already focusing on the next task.

Ben Peterson and John his brother were the Olympics Dan in 1972. They often worked with Dan. Ben writes of Dan , "his favorite after the run, was reversing pushing up with deck play. Number of whom he complained. "Then, at times, he sometimes used training for himself and saw how often he could go through the deck.

When Gable was a graduate at Iowa University, he was not demanding when it came to his condition. two-time NCAA champion Royce Alger that he would rather capture time than ever go through a workout that Gable had suffered from the time he fought for Iowa. How did Gable in Iowa? During the Gable season Iowa won 21 ten in a row in series and ten titles in the NCAA.

In his book Coaching Wrestling Successfully Dan Gable informs the reader that the situation is necessary. He believes in maintaining high qualifications throughout the year, writes: "Daily work improves much after a while. Five minutes a day does not seem as much, but it's equivalent to almost 31 hours extra when added throughout the year. "

Gable says:" A wrestler can evolve from average to good or good to great with a little more time and effort every day. "

Another athlete known for moral workmanship and his condition was Boxer Rocky Marciano.

In his book Wrestling Tough Mike Chapman writes:" When he finished as an uncontrolled heavyweight scout in the world in the year In 1956, Marciano had 49-0, with 43 knockouts. , was the key to his success. "

Rocky's cousin Charlie Piccento said," He does it (runs) every morning, even if he does not struggle … five or six miles or seven miles on Christmas morning. "

Rocky himself said," I'm in better condition than any of them. I can go as many circles as I need. "

Gable and Marciano are just two of the many athletes who place great emphasis on moral work and condition. Obviously, for them it paid.

Dave Schultz / Mark Schultz / John Smith / Technique [19659010] Dave Schultz is considered by many as one of the best technicians in the history of wrestling. Dave was the world and the Olympics, but these hills can only begin to give an idea of ​​how incredible he was. Dave Schultz was fabulous.

Evan as a high school , Dave competed globally. In 1977 he received the United States at the Tbilisi tournament in the Soviet Union. Dave won a silver prize in the Tbilisi tournament, many considered at that time to be challenging tournaments in the world. In fact, some believed it was harder than the World Cup or the Olympics . So what Dave Schultz achieved at such a young age was quite impressive.

Mark Schultz said of his old brother Dave, " He taught me how to take notes too. All he learned, he wrote down and when I started wrestling, I did the same thing as I had my technical book. "

Mark Schultz is also known for his technique. In the article Conversation with Mark Schultz Marksays," Whenever I learned something I wrote it down. I made the technology notebook and I changed my technique by tying together. At the top of the page, write down all the different techniques that I could finish. I have all the time on the front side on the backside, elevator, ride, spin, get behind, run the pipe, switch to another move, pull down on the hip, go out the back door, etc. "

John Smith, four world champions and two world champions in the world championship, is known for his technique despite more than a few other American criminals. In his article Smith's Six Titles Only in line with his point of view Kyle Klingman wrights, "Drilling was the backbone of Smith training. Smith would drill technology over and over again. The key was duplicate. "

Klingman concludes:" Wrestling was a year's career for Smith. "After the World Cup, he would take a week and start practicing again. Until January, there was a combination of drilling and body weight exercises for about one hour a day. once in January came around, speed picked up … and smith kicked it in gear. "

Are you willing to drill 40 or 50 times a day?

Arts and Teacher Brian Copeland writes: "Scientists have discovered that athletes in the world, regardless of the sport, have collected over 100,000 – 300,000 perfect reps in their lives." This is also known as the 10,000 hour rule, the best has set over 10,000 hours

Universities / Worldmasters / Olympians

In his article Strength and Conditioning for Wrestling, John Stucky (1988) deals with Oklahoma State University struggling strength and state program. He writes: "At Oklahoma State University, our goal is to help each athlete to be stronger and in better shape than any opponent they will face." Implementing such projects will develop more physical and more secure individuals, who will usually give a championship. "

In the article he discusses the importance of training A TP-PC and lactic acid power system as well as efficiency exercises in times.

Most of the universities known for wrestling programs change the training year to levels like for the season, season, tournament, season, etc. Most of the plans have a truck in the truck all year round. Often the soccer federation is focusing on absolute strength developed by lifting heavy weights with low reps to focus on power and explosion and endurance. Often there is also training in training at some point during the training year.

At the 2011 FILA Wrestling World Championships, the Russians won the freeways and women's freedom system. One might wonder what makes Russians so much wrestlers. Nobody really knows.

Zach Even-Esh said in an interview: "I was talking about this with former champion, coach and current league force 1 Oach, Ethan Reeve – he had investigated the same question, but he went straight to the recital and welcomed wrestlers from Russia. A major part of the training was drilling, but this drilling was very high and looked like a real match, made very strong. "

Olympian and world champion wrestler Sergei Beloglazov is considered in spite of the best technicians who have the collision time seen. He says, "I do not believe in talent." I believe in a training plan, attitude and commitment that is


  • Time is basically just organizing your training. Even if you use a normal linear model – hypertension phase, intensity phase, power phase, farther away the season and then sprouting the period – well, it might be worse. The period can be useful. It does not have to be complicated. You can simply split the year in presidency, in season and off-season. want to work on your strength over the summer. Perhaps you are already strong and want to place more emphasis on your state by calling. The point is to have some kind of plan. In his book Wrestling Physical Conditioning Enc Yclopedia John Jesse emphasizes the importance of training throughout the year. You can pause from struggling after the season, but do not take a long break of strength and condition. You want to come back a bit stronger and better than the year before.
  • Always remember to fight an anerobic sport. You are not trained in marathon. Read accordingly.
  • Remember the importance of workplace. Build a larger gas tank.
  • Most experts believe that chronic cardiovascular disease (for example, a long run) is not useful to the athletes and could even be harmful. However, some say it is good to build an aerodynamic foundation and to run at a lower intensity at a long distance can assist in recovery. Going for a summer longer does not hurt you. Dan Gable ran a lot and it did not hurt him. Of course, he also did sprints, strength training and a lot of wrestling. Just do not overdo a long-running session. As I said before, you're not a marathon trainer. You are a brother.
  • Interval training and sprint can be an important factor in the condition of a coach. But do not overdo it. Intervals and sprints may be taxed. If you already have high level of aerobic skills training (eg drilling and wrestling), adding too much anxious work (eg sprints) could lead to over-training.
  • Strength is very important. Lift heavy weights for little reps for at least part of the year. It can be successful without getting too much quantities. Cycle training can be great for wrestler. However, cycles do not wrestler much good if he is not quite strong at first. He will simply create a lot of fatigue and still be sick. So, do heavy lifting and use a cycle sparingly.
  • Technology is probably the most important factor in wrestling. You can be very strong and well understood, but if you have poor skills you are going to get beat a lot. Make sure you have the right technology. Watch a video if you have to. A stand up is simple, right? But, do you really know how to make the right position? How many ways can you install and complete one leg? Do you have a technical book like Mark Schultz? Are you going to drill as much as Olympian John Smith

This has become a long article. Let me leave you with some quotes.

Martin Rooney, manager and maintenance coach, describes the best way for a sports athlete to train. He says, "Squats, Deadlifts, bench pressure, energy cleans, basics, along with some sprinting and some stretching."

Alexander Karelin was nine world champion and three-time Olympic champion in Greco-Roman wrestling. Using performance-enhancing drugs. responded by saying, "The people who blame me are those who have never trained once in their lives as I train every day of my life.


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