High School Cheerleaders Embody Sports Sports

While the football game is why they came, many of the Shenendehowa Plainsmen keep the fans ahead of Junior Varsity (JV) cheerleaders despite the bitter cold. Fans wonder how the girls can resist the weather in small, green and white uniforms. When the group stands in front of them, their habits begin to fill, filled with gymnastics and difficult crowns, grabbing the audience over the cold as they are mesmerizing because the girls are knocked into the air in front of them. These types of habits made in school games won the Shen JV cheerleader first, and a rather big trophy at the Ultimate Cheer Party at Hudson Valley Community College held on January 27. Both the JV and the Varsity teams defeat their honorary teams.

Being a cheerleader requires physical strength and endurance, like any other athlete. The period lasts from the second week of August to the second week of March. The tests for the group prove that few girls selected can handle the workload. "(It's) a long and grueling process," said Jess Coach Jessica Abrams. "The first game is to play in the football season. We understand the girls for two weeks, which means you have to run a 10 minute mile, 40 push in 40 seconds, and 40 explosions sit in 60 seconds."

This does not include any other football and basketball games performed by the co-drivers over the years. In addition, the group spent time preparing for competitions. The team tries to travel as many competitions as possible, mostly getting through to local competitions, including suburban councils. "My favorite part in the cheerleader is really a competition season," says Shen monastery Kayla St Clair, "because all the team has worked together to be something amazing. for a cheerleader is not considered a sport at school. "We are very hard at work," says St. Clair. "It is not easy to keep a girl above her head and do crazy things for more than a minute. It just takes a lot of work and a lot of time to become a cheerleader and that's not what most people think it is. "The Company's Balance vs. Sport Stance with Cheerleaders." We're in charge of the sports department. We carry the same security certificates as other coaches, such as CPR and First Aid.

We're going to the same twin coaches and we meet the athlete (Matthew Jones) next season, "she said. Although the training is massive and long, with only one day a week, the connection between the coach and her team lies deep. "I watched them grow. To see a tremendous amount of growth, it's amazing. It's like watching your kids grow up. So much change happens and seeing their progress as people. That's really the only reason I do this, "she said.


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