Gymnasium – 60 ideas for great customer service

Way to close the back door

1. Friendly, knowledgeable phone and reception desk 12 hours a day. Do not have automatic services with four lines, pending messages and friendly short voicemail.
2. Website updated on Friday
3. Sign in front of the house must be nice!
4. Spend money on things like annual flowers outside
5. Baking your house so that your children do not get wet when turned off.
6. New student checklist along with lesson lessons.
7. Get up and open a door if your mother is walking or having children.
8. Cry all, even if the phone, which enters the door – known names of new customers.
9. The same desk every week and have a person who participates in themes. They can wear leather, caps caps.
10. Say goodbye and thanks for coming
11. Named for a new child and a child to taste.
12. Presentation of lesson and review at the end of parents!
13. Indexation Certificate
14. Free trial time
15. Video Booklet
16. Encourage Free Trip And Lesson
17. Reference $ 10.00
19. Unlimited taste in spring and summer
20. Code card reminder card
21. Parents manual, so they understand the direction
22. Communication with a new mom
23. Eyes shaped on the forehead the first day – must be interested
24 Start on time and finish time
25. Fast food stations-Ask Mama how the child liked the class and review the principles
26. "Happy to join us" postcard
27. I spend $ 300 for parenting magazines (watch your photo, suggestions-Christian, Parent, Parents, Baby, Cat Fancy, Sports Illustrated, ESPN)
28. "Need You" Call
29. H reset coupons-ask them to return and give them incentives e.
30. Greetings
31. Birthday card
32. Daily postcard
33. Postcard when ring rings
34. Birthday
35. Textbook
36. Personal photos and movie tables
37. Birthdate Card
38. Call If Injury, Ries, Difficulty
39. No Hassle Rebate
40. Certificate of Exemption
41. Parent Parenting Project
42. Postage Issue
43. Thank you for your comments
44. Get a good card
45. Offer a baby sibling for parents and twins
46 Mom and porn movies for Christmas
47. PapaBear night – special open gym just for the children and dads
48. Mothers and # 39; Day of Thanksgiving Week
49. Speakers in Your Gym (Police Officer, Firefighter, Nutritionist)
50. Pictures You Take A Lesson To Them
51. Business Card Message For Only Members
52. $ 5, 00 of appreciation coupon / 20 per month
53. List of mothers and children names in categories
54. Use their names!
55. Take note of new hair, good gear, new car
56. Send a child card, sympathy, thought about you
57. Under a promise and over delivery
58. Back and pads on a bleach
59. Clean a bathroom with a drawer, an extra toilet paper, a stopper
60. Air freshener through the gym


• What will be done happens? Ask yourself how you do in person and in surveys.
• Disney says, "Experience the experience of trade in services."
• Think relationships!


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