Group college advice – Useful tips

On February 1, each year, thousands of high school athletes decide on which school they will continue their work. Some players choose the school based on the school's opinion, past performance on the pitch and sometimes style jerseys. Coaches around the country have made promises for almost all players and there is no way they can keep any promises they have made. I will explain what the high school high school should consider when deciding a college football match.

• First, there should be a prospect of considering the choice of choice. Financial support is very important when it comes to school. The picture is not cheap, even for less well-known schools. Many universities and # 39; Teaching is $ 10,000 or more per year, and not many people have simply thousands of dollars at your disposal.
• In addition, will this school help athletes achieve their goals? A player must do his research at the school, the coach and the conference he will play. He should know what proportion of players from this group, conference and coach go to NFL and succeed. On the other hand, what percentage of former players, who do not go to NFL, do it in their job.

• A player should also consider playing time. Many players in high school are considered best at their school and they do not know what the class is like. Coaches promise players a chance to get started right away, but because so many players are told the same promise, someone has to sit and wait for him. As a player, he has to sit down by himself and ask the question "will I start here?" Year after year, players from one school moved because they did not get a chance to play, but in reality they were not good enough to get on the pitch.

• The player should know what they are getting into. Each player should consider his / her own expectations for the school he is committed to. If a player commits himself to Duke University, his hope should be a forum at the end of the college football career; He should not expect them to get a national title anytime soon. Some players & # 39; expectations are too high for the school to achieve. Players need an open mind when it comes to their team to win "big". If the player has not been in a conference for more than 50 years, what does he think they will break the policy when he's there? Be realistic.

• Finally, the player should compete. On average, college football clubs add about 25 new players each year to them. Most people want to study, but others will join the team and fight for the spot. Players in preschools must know that the game has changed and they need to be monitored or covered. Some college graduates enter college and are not sure about the decision they made, but their counterparts are ready to compete. Make sure you are one of the players who are ready to compete at the highest level.

Even with these tips players will continue to make the wrong choice about football futures because a team has invited them. Players need to consider their future based on academic achievements, plays and schools & # 39; The ability to reach them where they want to be after school is over. It does not matter whether a trainer or school violates their promises because the school and coach will be safe at the end and the player could have used it. If I were a player, I would only consider myself in all areas of choosing a school to meet and ignore others? inspection. By the end of the day, it will be my future on the line, but not theirs.


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