Grammar school: The best choice for my child?

Of course, it's important to make the right decisions for your child. Deciding which school to send your child is perhaps the most important decision of all. Most parents ask if they should put their child through & # 39; 11+ process. My messages are unrelenting and simple: if they are diagnosed enough, core primary schools are the best choice.

The condition of being "intelligent enough" and # 39; is important. 11+ preparations have unfortunately become a big company. I'm aware of some who teach students in groups of 20 and go from one group to another. 11+ is a big company. Therefore, it is important to try to hire a mentor with integrity, who will be honest to tell you in a few months if your child is sufficient enough to do it really with these exams.

Some poor students are trained for many years for this exam. They have lessons in lessons every week and are taught always to offer the right answers in the right places. And this amazing mechanical process can sometimes be successful. But just think about what that child will be setting up in the next seven years of his education. They would struggle. They would physically know that they were out of place and above what their minds could take. So, with some parents I say, be careful what you want. If your child is not naturally bright, it has to be a point where you agree and look for better choices.

Beware of private education choices. Private schools do not distinguish between students with talent and students who actually have detailed study needs. Just because you pay 15,000 pounds a year for education does not mean you guarantee the best education. You may well find your child with a teacher who has languishing in private training for generations and simply does not move with educational changes. You can also find that your child is surrounded by students who misunderstand, quite a bit. The only particular thing you find about students in private schools is that you have guessed it, money. But money, in education, does not bring you the best.
So, the parent concerned; if there is a natural display there. If there is something special, if the actual amount of information is beyond the average of the child, then elementary school is certainly an option that I would recommend.

In my experience in life you are what you are surrounded. If your child is surrounded like mentally intelligent young students who want to learn, it will completely affect your child's thoughts. The working environment in the classroom is absolutely important. If parents were inquiring about one that obstructs most teachers, there is a lack of desire to succeed in the classroom with a large number of educated children. If there is no desire, what can the teacher's truth do? In fact, there is a lack of desire among young students today who seems to be an important catalyst for poor behavior. Primary schools, by nature, will be filled with students with a desire. And it must be good for your child! The desire to succeed in life is a wonderful feature to have, and the more your child is surrounded by these students, the better.

Is a primary school for your child? Absolutely.


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