Graduation Gifts For Fashionistas – Fashion School Students Top Ten Picks

For graduates who become fashionista, the pencil is just not cut into the department's administration. Whether it is required in elementary school or college, she needs a gift that feeds her passion for fashion. And after all the work at school she does not understand? Then grab the pen (grab or not) and take a few comments: Here are the ten gift ideas chosen by fashion schools. And if someone knows how to shop, they do it.

1. Designer Sunglasses . The graduation expands the cooled man's crotch, so a great pair of tones to foster the glory of success is the perfect gift. Choose classic planes or larger frames; They never seem to go out of style.

2. Smart movies and TV shows . If your graduate student has spent books in recent years, she may have missed movies and TV shows. Help her to get DVDs that are almost needed in a fashion school, like all the seasons "Sex and the City", "The Devil Wears Prada" and "Gossip Girl."

3. Tiffany Jewelry . Okay, some are just forced to buy something dug as a graduation, so it might also be something from Tiffany. Make sure it's jewelry, like charm bracelet or necklace – not a pen.

4. Designer handbag . Warning: Step away from attaché case. A fashionista does not carry a briefcase. She wants a designer handbag with original tags. Whether she's in a sorority rush or job interview, she buys her handbag to make a big first impression.

5. Main baggage . Your graduate must travel a lot more now, either visiting a home or traveling business, so help her do it in style with killer luggage. Avoid the general black suitcase, so it's not unlucky, which has to tie a red tape around the handle to identify it in luggage.

6. Colorfulness . If it's all about fashion design, she probably has little color. Yet, a consultant with a color specialist is introducing new colors in color palettes, especially as she goes to a new stage in her life. In addition, it will blow.

7. Laptop case . Your fashion disc graduate will need something to take her laptop to school or work, but she does not want to look like a geek. Good news: Now you can buy one of the latest laptop notebooks that do not seem to be the same as they are for computers. They look like cool little handbags, so she clicks in the classroom or the boardroom in style.

8. Laundry facilities . True, this gift is part of practical aspects, but the fashionista is wearing clean clothes. Buy a laundry bag or barrel and fill it with a box of detergent, charcoal, detergent and roller quartz. Better than, buy it a washer and dryer.

9. Luxury bedding . The well-dressed degree also needs a well-dressed first flat or dorm room. 500 thread count sheets and duvets of Egyptian cotton will wrap your graduates in comfort every night, so she will dream well of runway shows and sample sales.

10. Shares in fashion companies . Do your graduates love one particular fashion designer brand or store that is generally traded on the stock exchange? If so, consider giving stock in the company as a gift. You do not have to spend a fortune buying things, either. You can buy only one item in companies like Gap, Polo Ralph Lauren, Coach and Abercrombie & Fitch from online brokers who specialize in this gift business. Your successor even receives a stock certificate in the frame.

With one of these fashion companies, your graduate is sure to give you A gift product.


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