Good readers do better at school

The importance of being a good reader cannot be underestimated. It is well known that good readers do better at school. The role of the parent is important to ensure that their children not only read but enjoy it as well. I've been an avid reader since I was seven. My parents took love to read on me. I sent it to my daughter and she to her son. As a teacher, I saw the problems that students encountered when reading below class. These students struggled to achieve good levels and therefore had little confidence.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that you read for children. It's never too early to start. Many parents read to their newborn children. As the child grows older, reading becomes interactive. Many books give young children the opportunity to experience the story with interactive pages. This is of interest to continue reading.

When it comes to reading is not the parent's substitute. It gives the child and parents the quality of time together. It also offers opportunities for communication, understanding and promoting good parent / child relationships.

Introduce your child to the library at an early age. They can help you choose the books you will read together. This prepares them for school. Children who are willing, in this way, tend to do better at school. By encouraging reading, you help your child build language and communication skills. Studies show that those who read as children continue to read as adults.

There are too many children falling through the cracks when it comes to reading. There should be no activity just for school and homework, but also for pleasure. Let your child see you reading books, magazines, and newspapers.

As your child grows older and develops his or her own interests, keep open minds about what they choose to read. Have them read for at least twenty minutes a day, including weekends. Good readers develop better vocabulary and grammar.

You will continue to encourage your child to read. There are many disturbances for the kids today – television, video games, cell phones. Reading is another entertainment that promotes imagination, critical thinking and concentration.

There are many teaching licenses that have a student who is struggling to read and does not do well in school. Many of these children do not have assessment. They have never been encouraged to be interested in reading. If a child is incomplete in reading, they will lack almost all subjects. Save your worries and money by teaching your child to enjoy reading. Remember, no one can help you guide your child. As good readers get a better score, encourage your child to read and read often.


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