Get children back to school

The summer can be completed and the beginning of the school year for your children is around the corner. Being organized, prepared and focused, while maintaining a calm peace that you hopefully achieved during the summer is the goal. So how do you get into the high gear again in the school setting without disabling all of them a good result? Simple you start with four P&P, Pen, Paper, Plan and Preparation. Along with the hustle and bustle of preparing children for school, you will also face seasonal transition.

Temporary changes can affect mind, mood and encouragement (energy). The transition from the summer to the autumn has an impact on our minds and motivation. Unlike other seasonal transitions, this summer's matrix is ​​filled with so many tasks, projects (energy) and planning / preparation (mental gymnastics) that do so with a plan, it is important to be balanced.

Buy attractive paper for every child you have. Put down the pillows and pen and start the pillow of the oldest child and write down the goals you have for that child for the school year. Write down the goals of their health, behavior, and the strengths you want them to build. Write down the thoughts or ideas you have for that child. On the second page write down what concerns you have about that child and whatever else you have about the child and its behavior is a concern. On the third paper, write down all the strengths of the child and all the great things about your child and the title it supports. On the fourth issue, writing down everything you need to do begins to plan and prepare your child to return to school. If you want to upgrade to bedroom furniture, clothing, goods (bins, storage, bookkeeping, file cabinets), or if you want to call apps, instructions or advice, write everything down and name it Get organized.

If you want to clear your kids clothing to create new dolls or do deep cleaning in the cabinets or go under the bed, discuss this with your kids and make sure they are on board a project preparing the room from the summer chair to going back to school ready. You may want to look for new hamsters, organizational tools (signs of parties, black permanent labels, file systems, software, scheduling) or replace linen and bedding. Old toys, books and knick knacks that are not used or loved anymore can be given charity. Teach your children to give love. Help them share things that are not ages that are appropriate for them so they don't start collecting and blocking behavior. Take part in your child so they know how to do this for them at some point. Children must be prepared for the world when they go home, so prepare them now.

The old words "children are seeing and not hearing" was a bad idea. Children must teach how to have a voice, especially when they return to school with other children and adults (teachers). Not surprisingly, other children and even teachers can be harmful to your children. Please don't get me wrong about this issue, most love and good, but the news tells us there are people out there who can and will hurt. Sit down with each child and discuss self-defense and create a way for your child to properly assess abnormal behavior toward others.

Sit down with each child to discuss rule, responsibility and consequences and create a table on a large white poster. Depending on the age of children, rules and responsibilities and consequences vary. Each child has a special card only for them. There are two columns for the consequences so they can choose the one they want. This gives them power in relation to consequences. This picture allows the child to know how the world works and, as we know, we have the ability to choose the consequences, even when we get into trouble with the law; paid a fine or a traffic school. The time you will take away (consequence) depends on the age of the child. 5-9 (1 day) 10-14 (3 days) 15-18 (1 week). Once a consequence is implemented, do NOT reverse it. Revocation of the result of a child having a creative tantrum and or claiming that dual discrimination should not be eliminated. Excluding the consequences when enforced will actually reinforce the negative behavior. Remember, you are responsible for organizing and preparing your child for the world, not teachers, coaches, friends, family members, or even counselors. That's your job as a parent!

If you do not have rules, responsibilities and consequences in your home, your child will believe how the world works and they will be in an unclean awakening when they go home. Not to mention your life will be undivided, confusing and neglected and you will miss out on policy making, maturing, and planning from going. Don't Prevent External Activities, Special Occasions (Birthdays / Dances), Trips, Payments as this will not only affect your childbirth to be social but also affect and punish other children who rely on your child & # 39 ; s participation.

Also, realize that if you just use new tools to keep your child's life organized, it can be difficult and even painful at first, but then it will be easier and easier to get used to.

It may seem tricky and you may find guilty to enforce the consequences but find the guilt and do it anyway!

No fight
No curse

No Drugs
No Alcohol
No Pills
No sex
No Ditching School
No Lying
No dating


Clean room without saying, regular
Do homework
Do chores
Take a bath / shower
Set table
Pick Weeds
Take the trash
Practice Instrument


(Take Aways)
No phones
No favorite jeans
No dessert or favorite diet.
No video games
No games
No play with friends
No beauty


(Take Aways)
No talk of phone / no text
No car
] No go out
Earlier Curfew
Stay home this weekend
No favorite toy
No friends over


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