Fundamentals – how information technology and the internet have changed how we do business

Introduction: If you're technical, you can expect to see words like TCP / IP, NAT, Spanning Tree Algorithm, Subnet Masking, Edge Router, and Cisco IOS. However, this short article is not intended for you, it is a detailed view of how communication technology has developed in the US and worldwide.

Information Technology (IT) is defined as "use of technology from computer science, electronics and telecommunications to process and distribute information in digital and other types" (reference: Encarta Dictionary.) Information technology, especially in telecommunications company applications, helps the company win time, geographic and cost constraints to build and maintain successful business. These three tactical possibilities of telecommunications networks emphasize how many business opportunities can help the business to capture and retrieve information quickly to end users in remote locations as a relatively cost-effective solution, as well as support the company's strategic direction. The use of telecommunications technology can come together not only with employees, customers, consultants, subcontractors and suppliers, but hopefully new potential customers! Some details of certain areas, how communication technology brings value to business and supports higher ROI:

  • Restrictions-Eliminate: Provide real-time real-time information to remote users (this may be a national or current prospective customer.) If You are using feature for sale, accepting credit card formatting without hesitation and getting close to paperless operation. International travel does not have to be in your plans, as this technology can replace these gatherings. You no longer need to spend unproductive hours at airports or suffer jetlag on arrival / return.
  • Prohibited Expenses – Distance: Minimize business costs for long distance calls, international calls, or paid for each site usage for video conferencing. You may also find the need NOT to purchase these video conferencing equipment and a large conference table! Using more COTS communication technology that utilizes the internet can be a very affordable solution for many businesses, as well as the cost of traditional communication technology.
  • Geographical Constraints – Inadequate: Current business information from remote locations. Use the internet to receive business plans from your sales representatives worldwide to share your business database. Merge this information into your order and / or file manager application without human intervention. This approach provides increased customer service by excluding further delay in customer order processing and reducing time between shipment and billing, to improve cash flow. By using this technology, you can remove the need for expensive businesses, or business meetings with customers.

Strategic Capabilities e-Business Example Business Value

Development trends in the computer and electronic communications market are fluctuating in the growth of the Internet.

The Internet has become the principal and most important network that has been defined to date and has been transferred to an International Information Office. The Internet is constantly expanding as more and more companies and other organizations (and their users), computers and networks connect to this international community. The interconnection between thousands of network routers, switches and other devices provides millions of computer systems, and users around the world can communicate with each other. These computers are owned by companies, universities, customers and joint business partners. The Internet has also become a key element for the fastest growing list of information, services and business applications, including an electronic trading system that supports the public to buy items directly from the seller.

Websites provide information and support direct e-commerce systems between companies, their suppliers and consumers. E-commerce websites usually offer all the products and services of ordinary retailers. Many companies have setup business accounts to instantly confirm purchase order or notify buyer about their position. The Internet also offers "discussion groups" formed by thousands of newsgroups of special interest. You can contribute to a discussion or message about any of these content for other users that they can read and respond. In addition, you can do online searches with search sites and search engines like Google, Yahoo !, MSN, ASK and others. To assist in a fast and timely communication technology, you can use "chat" software to communicate in real time.

This is very effective in getting a quick question answered or providing information to anyone who needs. The use of companies on the Internet has expanded from a large scale for deliberate business applications. Collaborating collaborators, providing customers and vendors support and e-commerce has become a major industry on the Internet. Businesses are also using Internet technology for marketing, sales and business relationship applications, as well as active business applications and applications in engineering, manufacturing, human resources and accounting using ad version (COTS) software, or applications that accompany multiple operating systems (Linix, Windows , etc.), the company's engineers can now host virtual meetings, as drawings can be viewed in real-time, on real whiteboard. Those who achieve can monitor, revise or write comments on the drawings at the meeting. One example is IBM implementation of "Sametime®", where international meetings can be performed with a whiteboard approach. If the company finds value, they can also entrust their customers to participate anywhere in the world. This collaborative project can be invaluable, as bringing from all over the world can only save an error in design, or provide cost-cutting to reduce the cost of the product or service.

Main Use of the Internet is:

  • Loading: Transfer data, electronic files, software, reports, articles, information, drivers and applications in local systems Make sure your computer is protected with virus and spam / malware protection software!)
  • Discussion: Join the discussion groups or send messages on a specialized forum created by thousands of special interest groups.
  • Talk: Live chat in chat rooms with Internet users around the world. Textile mobile phones are now enabled to participate in these communication devices.
  • Surf: Navigate to hundreds of thousands of websites related to web sites and assets for information, leisure or electronic business.
  • E-Mail: Use email to exchange electronic messages with other customers, customers or business partners. This has become a standard for timely communication between and within companies.
  • Shopping: You can buy anything through e-commerce retailers, service providers and other websites that offer "shopping cart" and boxing applications.
  • Remote Access: Log in to your company's computer system and resource. Using the Virtual Private Networking (VPN) application is completely secure online through the Internet. This is valuable to ensure that your data is not recorded or used by unauthorized users.
  • Video Conferencing : This is the most effective way to communicate with other business or company employees. Using a cheap webcam and free application software can make this a very cost effective way to connect with others.

Every year, companies develop other uses for the internet, replacing many older telecommunications methods. Gone are the old modems, the lane and the leased lines. VPN on the internet has replaced many dedicated communication devices, as ISPs have taken more role. Service agreements (SLAs) have become a different nature as a company is guaranteed a predefined service value (quality) based on data connection. At this point, the internet is developing again, known as Internet 2.0. Software as a Service (SaS) is becoming a new business model for the development of business applications. SaS enables the company to use application technology that is located on a dedicated PC over the Internet to support their business. It's cheaper than buying the "software", as you pay only for the time it is used. By getting this part of your disaster and restoring your planning can also make your business easier.

In 1964, Gordon Moore, from Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation in the United States, suggested that a number of transistors that could have created a processor chip would double each year. Known as "Moore's Law", this actually applies (actually every two years). It is unknown where or how the internet will ever evolve. However, many of us have not known this medium until we join the working group. Now, our children are affected by school, everyone knows more about their activities and utility than many adults. What will look like our grandchildren?


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