File Folder Games For Preschoolers

Preschool teachers should learn about a variety of issues, including forms, numbers, colors, letters, and more. A great way to teach these basics is through file folder games for kindergartens that are simple and fun to do. They include printing different patterns or shapes from the computer and pasting them or taping these forms on a file folder.

It is best to hold controversy, laminate pieces in the sealed bag stored in the file folder. Subsequently, there are some great ideas for filing crimes for kindergartens. These different games help to teach many different subjects and skills in a fun way.

Use of games to teach discrimination

Different between different patterns, facial bars, etc. Is there something that kindergarten teachers should learn. To create a game that teaches these skills, first select a theme for the game. If it's in October, for example, choose Halloween as a theme.

Print out a number of faceless jack-o-lanterns (5-10), depending on students & # 39; fitness level. Glue these pumpkins inside the folder. Next, create a different face for each jack-o-lantern. Print out two copies of these faces and glue one on the faceless jack-o-lamps.

Laminate the other faces and let the fun begin. The aim of the game is to match your face with these Jack-O lanterns with the same faces. You can even change things and use numbers, characters, or patterns (like letters, stripes, etc.) instead of face.

The use of games to teach training skills

Arranging skills involves being able to position objects in a particular order. This is another skill that can be practiced and perfect with preschool games. Again, select the shape or items that fit into your theme. If it is autumn, you may want to use flowers for this file folder.

Print out a number of different flowers (5-10), as the students should do the qualification level. Decorate the folder that suits the flowers. For example, you might want to paste some green grass at the bottom, white clouds in the sky, and a bright yellow sky in the sky. The goal of this game is that the student sets the flowers in order from the smallest to the largest or vice versa.

For this preschool activity, you will again want to select a theme. If it's February, for example, a good theme to use would be Valentine's Day.

Print out a number of hearts (5-10), depending on students & # 39; fitness level. Number each heart, layer it, and then move away. Print another set of hearts. Use a tag, select one point in the first heart, two points on another heart, and so on.

Glue these dotted hearts inside the folder. The goal of this game is for the student to match the numbered hearts in the correct dotted heart.

Playschool games for kindergartens are both fun and academic. You can even allow children to participate in the creation of the file directory so the experience is fun.


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