Family Management Tip # 3: Get ready for the new school year

clothing. Check. School supplies. Check. No doubt you have to have all physical products needed to carry your child through the school year. But despite the most important way to be prepared for the new school year, you are planning to spend your time and family time wisely.

It's important to take steps from your busy schedule to think how you want your family to spend next year. What are your most important goals? Peace? Happiness? Good grades? Harmony? Weight loss? Better health? While you are planning your family, be sure to allocate time to meet these important goals.

You do not have to spend the next year like you've spent in recent years – especially if your last year's lifestyle does not cover your most important goals for your family. People often hear this and agree, but obscure the thought that is not appropriate to them – so be sure that overriding is not necessarily for the benefit of the family.

It's one thing to make a conscious decision that some things are more important than others and to make sacrifices to achieve certain goals. But if you're just traveling, not sure what you want for yourself and your family, you're basically gambling with your life. The consequences of these actions will be a long time in your family. So think about planning the coming years.

Time management is a key factor in success – for an individual or a family. But what does this term actually mean? It's not just about the timing of appointments or activities. It can only succeed if the time fails to achieve certain goals. The best way to accomplish this is to establish a daily plan for each family member – well in advance of possible possible.

Here's how you can accomplish this for your family in the new school year:

  1. School-related activities. You want to take care of this first. Before you estimate all other activities, make sure you sign up for the homework. Depending on how old your children are, this can take anywhere from 15 minutes to several hours a day. Of course, this is a priority. If you are a home trainer, you also need to organize the curriculum.
  2. Organize home operations. Raise the room, make the bed, move to the laundry, walk the dog, break the fish – a thousand things to do every day. To keep things moving smoothly, you need to come up with a daily, weekly and monthly job for each family member. A small part of family planning and purchasing on this facade will go a long way. Do not compromise on this or prioritize this less than other features – a lot of stress arises if this program breaks apart and you want to avoid it. If you contradict other activities, you can estimate these activities at a different time in the days of your conflict. For example, if Mike has ice hockey training at. At 6:00 pm on Tuesdays, you can give him a break from dogs to walk on that day, or maybe he can do it tonight.
  3. Organize the objectives of related activities. Select one or two long-term goals for each member. Perhaps it's healthy, like losing a few pounds, or sometimes it gets a higher level. Anyway, unless you intend to do that, it will not happen, "then organize these actions.
  4. Plan External Studies. After you have participated in the most important activity, and only after keep in mind how much time is realistic for other projects and fit them in. If you do not think realistic, you'll always find yourself in danger of your long-term goals and never get out of that batch.
  5. Evaluate the overall plan and make changes. Once you've installed the entire plan, talk as a family and see if any changes have to be made.
  6. Use a good family company to implement the program. If any member of the family can have a daily schedule for every day (and they could be guided by using it as they start each day) it will give them a start. the success of this school year – I'm sure you're happy with the results. © 2005 by Saro Saravanan.


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