Family doctor in peanut butter

Have you ever heard that homeschooling is related to peanut butter? If you're like me, I didn't even have until I read this book years ago. Indeed, I have read it several times now, over the years, because of the humor and funny reflections of the author on what life is sometimes like a homeschooling family. He shows that homeschooling "is full of unexpected challenges, challenges and blessings."

All right, but what is the relationship with peanut butter you ask? Bill Butterworth joins home school and peanut butter with life. He thinks life is very much like peanut butter. At different times it can be smooth or crunchy. But last but not least, like peanut butter on two slices or bread (or something else that touches it)

Now, what would you call a home school home school that buzzes with constant activity, houses 4 children, 2 adults and a new child on the way? Why Union Station, of course! As Bill says, "What can you possibly call home that is like a train station? It fits so well. Our home has everything in the terminal, but it also provides a place to rest between trips." So it was: Union Station. "

Chapter title of this book is pretty fascinating. Try to photograph in your mind, Heppie Bread, Home-School Trivial Pursuit, Return to Walton Mountain, Tale of Whale, Union Spy Station, and the list goes on.

As Pastor, Broadcaster and Writer Chuck Swindoll says, "I happily put my vote for the real Peanut Butter Family. touch your children. What I appreciate most is that it comes from a home where parents practice much more than they preach.

Want a book that makes you smile? Read this! I'm glad I did!


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