Elementary Science Fair Projects – Make Perfect Screen Table

Your desktop will have the opportunity to talk about your elementary school even before you get the opportunity to talk. So I would advise you to pay good attention to it, as this will be the first thing the referees will review.

Here are some aspects of making the perfect desktop for your elementary school teacher:

  1. Your store: Your screen must be made of hard cardboard or plywood. A wooden board can be very heavy moving around. It should consist of three panels that can be folded to make the board stand by itself. Avoid using a poster board as it may become warped and fall over, causing you trouble. Cover the desktop with a suitable colored touch paper, fabric or wallpaper.
  2. Your Color System: You may not use more than 3 contrasting colors. The background can be white, light blue, yellow or some light color. The title and the text must be darker colors like dark green, dark blue or red. Make papers and reports stand out by placing dark colored borders of building paper around them.
  3. Never use neonlitas as they do not look professional and distract the viewer from the theme of the project.

  4. Your appearance: Now we are coming to the most important part of the elementary school of the show. Your desktop must be simple and tidy organized. It must be enough for people to get over and want to learn more about the project.
  • Title: Your title is actually your conclusion in short. The characters used for the title should be large and should be placed on the top of the center of the panel.
  • Text: Your text must be slightly smaller than the title and you can create independent characters that can be bought locally.
  • Pages displayed: The print on the report pages must be large enough with important points well identified so that anyone on your desktop can read them clearly. While you can manually draw a graph, it's best to use a computer for tablets, charts and images.
  • Center of Attraction: Include impressive graphics just below the title that becomes the center of attraction of the screen, which can lead the viewer to other things after that.
  • Notes: Make the appropriate drawings with a pencil first and then colors. Use an opaque projector if you have access to one.
  • Photographs: Photographs show articles or equipment that can not be transferred to elementary school teachers. They also show you action at different levels of experimentation. They make your screen live and tend to attract attention.
  • Basis: Your screen must be placed on a solid table that is covered with a colored tablecloth according to the color scheme. Put a neatly labeled copy of the abstract, task report and calendar on the neat table.
  • Model and equipment: Place the model or promoter on the table between the summaries, project report and calendar. A well-made model can be the highlight of the desktop. Avoid loose cables that hang from the desk or desktop.

That's all you need to know about making the perfect desktop!

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