Education – what is it?

Tony Blair has come across education for everyone and made a great statement with these words that say education, education, education and # 39; It is very easily said and sometimes understood by some but does not vary from person to person and community in society?

There are many things involved in defining the concept of education. In general, education is defined as going to school, then university or university and then getting a job. Of course, exam tests reflect how clever an individual is. However, the tests reflect how intelligent a person is or do we have a society that is meaningful to it? It has to be kept in mind that some are "academic" and "# 39; bright. By this I mean that they are inspired by learning the doctrine in schools and learning hard for exams and then passing on getting a pretty high score. needs to draw attention to the fact that people with intellectual intelligence can challenge intelligence in other areas. Have you ever thought about it? For example, a person who gets a high test in exams cannot get the social skills required for the "real world". not that their learning has been a waste of time? Do we have to learn very hard and get a good rating to get the title "intelligent"? When we look at historical figures, they went to school, started the inventors like this, these are the questions we need to ask ourselves.

For me, as a graduate student, I met many from all over the world. n to measure intelligence in this contemporary society is something that needs to be worried about: from doctors to clean staff, I have met the field. From this, I can conclude that the way in which intelligence is measured in society is worrying. People with degrees work in areas that are not relevant to their fields of study, and people are constantly working for other reasons than academic skills. Therefore, do academic institutions prepare for the great evil world? An answer we can get by looking at what is happening around us. I personally think that & nbsp; spy & # 39; is measured in the wrong way. After all, scholarly talents are based solely on acquiring a title that monitors wherever we go, but our minds are constantly recording information, ideas, naming them … by people we met and participated in. In addition, countries where no formal institution is taught, do not mean that the people of that community are uneducated but perhaps educated as they need to acquire skills without any guidance from "so-called" professional bodies who view it , are not always brightest.


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