Driving Schools: 7 Suggestions for Success

A few days ago, I was on my way to the Mayville Mall in Parktown Estate and testified that a driver in a driving school was in the phone (in the passenger seat.) When he was babbling away, his young student left from Cambridge Street at Van Rensburg Street without hints!

As she fell away, she steered completely and reached almost a large tree on the side of the road. Talk about dangerous!

If I had not honked the driver would be too slow to respond to the situation.

These parents of girls obviously trusted a driving guide with his child and he did not suffer a little at his responsibility.

As a parent, you need to make sure your child is safe and to teach how to drive safely on behalf of South Africa. So it's up to you to choose as well as you can right from the start.

Let's look at the top 7 tips when choosing between driving schools in Pretoria.

1. Be always happy to ask Driving School Management to show you a certificate of Certified Teacher. Only certificates approved by the South African Ministry of Transport are considered legal.

2. Personal appearance is the key. If the tutor appears to be "bad", expect their workplace to be "bad" too. Despite being common in South Africa, smoking in the vehicle is highly respectful to the student. And the vehicle must always be clean.

3. Your teacher must always pay attention to you and what you do. They must be willing to answer all questions and give advice and tricks where needed. So not unnecessary mobile phones call (!), Read the magazine or talk with other instructors during the lesson.

4. Vehicles shall all have safety brakes. This is a key safety feature for your teachers to have complete control. And the vehicle should always have the necessary signals to report to all road users of the vehicle in the vehicle. Do not miss this simple item.

5. Always ask for more contact information, so if the problem persists, then an additional number to call an emergency. A number of local municipalities may either fail or not, and you should not stop it.

6. Always listen to the intestine. There are about 30 different driving schools in Pretoria, so if a student finds uncomfortable with a particular teacher, talk to the owner / manager of driving school. All driving schools that take care of their students will work immediately and if they do not go elsewhere.

7. And finally – talk to your friends and family. Find out which driving schools in the area recommend them? There is nothing more powerful than recommending


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