Do not you think you need to tag your school? Think again

Quick. The name of India's most rated and trusted brand.

Since the beginning of 1858, Tata Group has established itself as India's most valuable brand on independent surveys by Interbrand and Brand Finance. It's almost impossible to spend a day without ads or messages from Tata Group. Be it Jaguar, Land Rover, Taj Hotels, Titan, Fastrack, Tanishq, Tata Sky or many other types, Tata is everywhere.

It's fascinating, however, that when you think about the Tata group, it's the first thing that makes it difficult to advertise it! Far from it. What comes to mind is symbolic leaders, its service to the nation and the focus on creating lasting customer value.

And that's what a great brand is about – offering a unique, persistent value, but being savvy to concentrate on expanding their business.

Where are you?

For many years, Indian schools have had one of two cases:
Their self-inheritance and, consequently, not too willing to build their brand.
Aggressive to manifest and expand rapidly

What course is right?

Here is the gospel. There is not one approach towards others. It's about combining the two as you continually increase value for the student, thus giving it value to the wider world. Because it's a great brand in the case – a unique value.

It is also which brand is defined as – "name, word, design, symbol or other feature that defines an organization or product from its competitors in the eyes of the customer."

So if you're sure to add a lot of value to students, share that value and let people know. Do not leave it to them to create their own perception! And if you're focused on growing your business, invest as much (or more) to create appraisal prices as you do in the school's brand.

Why Branding Much Important Than Ever

Because there are many more schools today: For a few decades, all cities have competent schools. For a parent, decision making was easy. Today, with increased income and parents willing to invest more in good education, many more schools have sprung up (anywhere between 1.5 million and 2 million schools in India). Each school has its own safe fans. These fans escape their views on social media. The schools themselves advertise a lot. The result – parents are more confusing than ever before. The best way to notice – convey a unique value for your parents.

Because parents have different priorities: Earlier, the only benchmark for good school was academic results. Today, the priorities vary – a good environment, comprehensive development, international influence, good teachers, child safety and others. By identifying and communicating individual schools at the school, you appeal directly to parents who are looking for something you have to offer. This helps to attract more like minded parents, create your desired culture safely, and create a strong oral show.

Because of today, transparency = credibility: At one time, the low-end was considered a positive feature. Not anymore. At the age of social media, people tend to level up transparency with credibility ("If you are out and communicate suicide, you must be good"). Today, parents expect children's school to contact them regularly and in detail. Schools that invest in strategic brands get to talk a lot more, get more programs and can charge more. So, go out there and share your value with security!

Because you want to be part of India Education: The 2016-2025 season is spoken as a decade of India. With a young, encouraging, more mobile and increasingly urban population, the demand for good education at school is only meant to grow. So if you are nourishing now, say 3000 young minds, why not nurture a few? In order to enable constant expansion, you need to have stable business lines (students in this case) – and where the orientation is based.

Because the brand is just the zipper you need: Beyond admission and business expansion, you have other needs – employ the right talent, associate with social causes, interact with investors. A powerful brand can help to achieve all of these goals by optimizing your message and interacting with diverse stakeholders in the language they understand.

Go ahead. Think brand. And remember that a great brand – first and foremost – is about brand experience. Make sure your essentials are present, define the brand and invest in the future of the school!


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