Do business in the age of information technology

As a former employee of a consultancy firm in the past 8 years, I've always been interested in why some small businesses or practices were better & # 39; and others. With & # 39; effective & # 39; I am referring to a company that has created its first year and changed it to profit education for the years to come. My supervisor once told me that in order for a company to survive profitability, it must continue to create value.

Creating a Value With a Date

Today's competitive environment is the only way for your business to flourish to create value with strategies. You must prioritize your business strategy according to your industry. However, there are several methods that generally apply to many companies, namely:

(1) Your Bar Market


(3) Sales and Marketing

(4) Rating and Feedback

(5) Featured Outsourcing

(6) Develop Hybrid Skills

19659004] 8 Use Information Technology.

Because the nature of the business is to offer e-business solutions for SMEs, I restrict my publications to my interests, ie. e-business and its importance today and # 39; s market.

Use Information Technology

One of the best ways to take advantage of time and resources is to let information technology work for you! A great benefit in information technology today, especially the Internet, is that it makes easy access to information and knowledge just click away, regardless of whether you run a small business or manage the company. The Internet helps us level the game.

How often have we heard someone say, "Just watch the net." Many of us have started using the internet to do our daily work compared with 10 years ago when the internet is still at birth. We now use the internet to buy cars, update software, monitor shipments, store data, compare prices, conduct research and much more. This trend is increasing in resistance and will continue in the next decade. Relying on its ability will increase. Many experts believe that this sector is considered to be one of the best ways to start and expand business in the next decade. Even Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft Inc., has well said it: " If your business is not on the web today, you will not be in business …. "

Beyond the Brick- and-mortar Business

Brick-and-Mortar Business can simply refer to companies with physical presence – which offers a "human touch" experience, ie. A consumer might find and touch the product before purchasing it. This type of business is no longer viable in today's world. But before you run into the deep end of the business movement and began to change your company's model towards Click and order should you keep in mind doing business online alone, is not going to translate into any translation is.

Take examples of Napster and iTunes. Both companies offer similar services by selling music online. While Napster is the sole sole business, iTunes is linked to the Apple brand. iTunes is more effective than Napster because the company can look around the screen. Although both markets are invisible products, music in this case, the company has a physical presence ahead.

Here is the formula for digital age: (brick and brick) + (click and order) = click and brick

It & # 39; There is no doubt that the next trend of the business model is towards clicks and brick patterns, a combination of online / offline business technology, which includes both physical and online business. If your business were to survive the first year of the organization, you may have time to take the change and take a leap ahead of your competitors.


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