The life in Pakistan village is marked by dull uniformity. Villagers follow their own old professions, and some have to live by hand. If you stay in a remote place, you are isolated from the community and most of their life is marked by complete ignorance of important things that happen abroad. Lack of schools, post offices, banks and no means of transport, no hospital all this feature is just because of lack of education.

There should be a recommendation to improve education in remote places of Pakistan.

(A) Low literacy rate of low educational level: Due to lack of resources and lack of awareness of the importance of education in Pakistan, literacy rate is very low. People could not give their children education because of low income and the lowest school costs they were sending their children to under elementary school and therefore the level of education is also very low.

(B) Inadequate curriculum and pedagogy do not need to set goals in many disciplines, since there is no built-in one-step approach, so that a student can develop a real basis for discipline or interest.
In addition, each university education is a system that respects its name to assist a student in assessing his or her potential or the ability to determine a reasonable theoretical career.

(C) Multiple educational systems: There are many systems that are working here, hence there is no synergy but social division and conflict. For example: – We have an English medium school, Urdu medium schools and religious madarsa. A student who comes out of English, especially a good private school, has little or no awareness of his or her faith and culture. Wherever they go from Urdu, middle schools are usually meant to work and lower levels.
Religious war elements call yet another category, which is usually ignorant of the world outside of them, and with strong guilty prejudices and little or no training in modern art, they are usually ill-equipped to make them fully claim with the larger community and are also historical moments of distributing sectarianism.

There should be better training and educational opportunities for the student in rural and remote areas.
Primary education must be free and compulsory for all boys and girls. Applications and services should be organized for their education.

1. Comprehensive education

Cultural and linguistic diversity, community access schools, support for school environment, policy making and learning disabilities, all of these aspects of understanding and their implementation can cause many changes in the country. Then rushing to leave the village or remote places and join the next town and cities would slow down and improve their lifestyle. Distance learning can enable Pakistan to accelerate progress and get rid of all wavering and hesitation in the country over the last 10-15 years. This will reduce Pakistan's entry and content into the new century.


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