Design your school cabinets

School cups for all ages

Whether you have a child at school or college, every student has school cabinets nowadays. Lockers are not only used for storage but also a good way to showcase your personality through your closet. No two lockers should always be the same. Even if you can not decorate your outdoor locker, be sure to decorate the interior. Some schools will bring their students today or two before the school starts and let them decorate their closets.

Ideas for decorating

If you can come up with a theme you are in a good start. Theme ideas could be your favorite sport team, musical entertainer, profession, sports star, hobbies, pets, cars, classmates, divas, hunks, butterflies, unicorns, wildlife and other ideas you can come up with. There are certain things you need in your closet. They include but are not limited to the following items. Calculator, ruler, paper (writing, art and graph), pens, pencils, supply holder, stapler, paper clips, folders, rubber products, safety scissors, glue stamps, rubber bands, laptops and length limits. Some of these items are provided by the school and some are not. Small waste bag, portable shelves, tissue paper, plastic bag for wet coats, mirror, small blanket remnants, shelf liners, personal groom assistants, air fresher, calendar, mini clock, make up kit, boyfriend or boyfriend photos and anything that will fit inside in your closet that's right.

Make your Locker Individual

Decals, stickers nameplates, player numbers and pictures can also go outside the door. Some of these items must be approved by the board. I personally never like to define my closet for others. Many schools will provide a list of things that should not be in your closet. They include but are not limited to the following. Drugs, sharp things (including scissors), weapons, mobile phones, MP3 players, explosives (explosives), materials and other unsafe items. School cabinets are important factors in demonstrating individualism and creativity. They are also a great way to put books, stationery and personal belongings and help students keep planning, no matter what time the day is. Also have a schedule to make sure you know exactly where you need to be at any time of the day. School lockers are there personally so be sure to do it!


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