Damian Prosalendis – tell the truth?

I first met "Damian Prosalendis" when he was in "Bold and Determined" – blog by Nick Kelly / "Victor Pride".

He started writing "Damian Pros" and began submitting Fiverr business results he created, eventually demanding that he make $ 40k + a month from the scene. This was followed by a post on "TheFastlaneForum".

He also tried a website called "dare and conquer" which I perused at that time too.

Now, it is important to keep in mind here that what I'm going to write is not a kind of vendetta against a boy, or something like that. I respect what he has done and continue reading his content.

However, it is painful that the majority of what he sends now is either rehashed or wholly wrong. Furthermore, there have been some examples where its number of claims has been proven to be totally untrue.

This is important as it is a direct indication of his personality and whether you should believe what he says or not.

It is especially important considering the "opposition universities" attitude he has taken; continue telling people to prevent higher education, through his Twitter feed. This is very dangerous for the next generation and what I wanted to do with this article.


The biggest gripe I have with him is that he marks himself as a "millionaire" and later "multi millionaire".

I don't know how much money he has and it's not really my business, but now I tell you that if someone is a "millionaire" then they won't usually spend the whole day on Twitter or try to convince all that fact.

Real wealth speaks for itself. And real wealth usually understands clues – business relationships, colleagues, and other things.

Prosendis has none of this, carried Fiverr account which I will explain for a second.

The main point is that the "millionaire" tagline – like most I've seen from Prosalendis – is probably a ruse for something else; Rotation of words designed to paint as quickly as possible.

Being a "millionaire" is not about having $ 1m + in money – it's about accessing or managing over $ 1m + worth of assets.

Many are a millionaire on paper but their capital ratio is locked into an asset or some other malignant portfolio.

Marking yourself a "millionaire" is highly indicative of someone who neither understands what it means to be legitimate worth over $ 1m, or is trying to get attention.


To explain who Prosalendis is, he clearly set up a "Fiverr" business when he was in college and always did enough to stop and focus on everything.

While it was advisable that someone later discovered the company (SPXMAC) and it seems that it is a legitimate outfit.

Prosalendis Foundation & # 39; The story is based on the idea that his "Fiverr business" could have generated $ 1m + in revenue within two years of its creation.

This is a great achievement with any standard, but should not prevent reality – "Fiverr" takes 20% of the money earned through its platform, as well as the various expenses that the company had incurred bring with it its growth.

In other words, the $ 1m ideal sounds good, it is not the profit of the company.

The reason why this is important is because it gives a perspective on the letter behind the character. You can't fake business & # 39; template, and while trying to keep it up, it's something most people know about it right now.


The reason I found it appropriate to write this is to help someone look for the study on the boy.

There have been a number of cases where he played directly to people to allow them to think well but he was:

Dubai Penthouse –

About 2016/2017 he started to do him and # 39; d lived in a Dubai penthouse.

His website was very contemplative – "From clutch-bottomed dorm room to … a luxury Dubai penthouse" – indicating that it is indeed so rich that it & # 39; d was able to buy a penthouse in one of the glamorous cities in the world.

Although this would have been commendable, it later emerged that all the pictures he took were from a room in the Sofitel Dubai (hotel), which someone suggested to be just an ordinary room (not a "penthouse" as required by Prosalendis). .

The reason why this is important is because of the image it was painting before it was discovered. Anyone watching his content could easily be misleading in thinking that he was a serious player – when he was in fact, he was just a traveler who stays for several weeks.

Personal Chef –

In 2017, Twitter took his food to mention that he hired a chef + maid to "save his time".

Like most people he espouses through Twitter, he was worried about how "his chef gave him a meal, etc. As the Dubai Penthouse, it was an indication that he actually went out and hired a chef who came to his residence. to prepare his meals for him. After all … that's what "personal chef" does, right? Well … not according to Prosalendis. The idea of ​​a personal chef is one of those "deliveries", where you pay a monthly or daily fee to get prepared + delivered meals to you.

The story was when someone asked him how many his chef cooked – as his answer was that he "didn't fuck" … basically suggesting that he had just signed up for one of these "meals on wheels" service.

Again, blurred lines between fact and fiction are very thin here.

Instagram Following lgni –

In 2018 he opened a thread on the most popular "FastlaneForum" – where the volunteers of the author MJ DeMarco want to hang out to discuss ideas etc.

Although the scene has a great mix of different individuals, there are many veterans where you can see clearly with some false / highly inflated notes.

Prosalendis & # 39; After – "1,000,000 Followers of Social Media: How I'm Doing It and How You Can Do" was initially welcomed by many on the scene.

But because of the lack of real content, several members began asking the truth about what he was sending, first leading to "settling" on his Instagram account.

The question is about how he got Instagram followers, which Prosalndis replied that he had been featured by several large accounts.

Further review of what he was publishing later, he had been using "Comment Pods" – mostly where people write comments and move them to "Discover" parts of Instagram and more followers.

The problem with this was not the method itself … but the dishonest nature that Prosendis used as a response. Using vitriolic answers to try to meet with respondents, he tried to point out that he was "right" and that he was misunderstood.

Even the owner of the forum had to step in to make sure that he was not trying to betray his claim to someone whom Prosalendis replied that he had no lie and that he & # 39; You should now go to a forum to focus on his business.

No one knew that he had understood … but all aspects emphasized the way he had tried to cover his way to gaining reputation and influence … and – as emphasized on the ground that time – an attempt to get more people into his "funnel" so he can sell them advice or other products later.

Personal Meaning –

"Selected for Forbes, INC, Entrepreneur Magazine, HuffPost" would be something to be proud of someone … but only if you won it.

The problem with Prosalendis – like many things we have sent – is that the "interviews" published on these sites seem very questionable.

Indeed, even popular marketing magazines were to "Brian Rashid" – the author of Forbes who is known for posting a fairly "interesting" topic that you must ask origin.

However, the idea kept – and Prosalendis used his "interviews" as a means of positioning himself as a "successful entrepreneur".

I have no problem with the method behind this (it was called PR) – but doing it dishonestly is a big issue.

If the interviews were paid, they would be a dishonest proposition.

"Model" –

Need to add this too – his requirements to be "model" are actually funny.

Models are special breeds; you can tell who is, and who is not, one reliably quickly.

And while used to be the case, you had to be signed in model making to even be considered one; The truth is that "real" models are paid to sit. Prosalendis pays someone to accompany him and take pictures.

The goal is that while this is not uncommon in the "selfie" generation, it is a problem when you use it to try to make people think you better than what you really are.


Finally, a "millionaire" comes back.

Millionaire is a very charged word – it means a lot to many.

In the modern world, I usually consider "a millionaire" as someone with a large number of assets (assets and / or companies) worth $ 500k / $ 650k and the rest either in cash or other "liquid" "form of capital.

/ idea is that if you break your property rights today, you will have $ 1m + in the bank after taxes, etc.

Although Prosendis might have this, I really do not believe his claim to be a "millionaire" to be either valid or legitimate

In contrast, this is mostly speculation – but based on his previous decisions and his Fiverr story – I have made the following:

  • SPXMAC has revenue of $ 1m + through Fiverr since it was approved in 2015
  • Of this income, money had to be paid in labor costs + any further provisions that the company may have used (IE is not a profit)
  • SPXMAC Business out of a real presence outside of Fiverr – to further add to its truthfulness questions

Finally, I would point out that his affiliation to the Fiverr $ 1m of income is where the "millionaire" idea came from.

If so, he certainly is not a "millionaire" … at least in my definition.

A good example of this is that I know a person who has transactions that are over ~ £ 3m a year. Because he sells physical goods that he does not produce, his operating profit is £ 650,000, and his profits are about £ 300,000 after all.

You might argue that this guy is a "millionaire" but I suggest suggesting another. He continues to work every day and is constantly trying to build the business (as his competitor would take out).

He may mark himself as a "millionaire" but I don't think so. There are too many variables that work against him.


All this basically shows patterns of behavior.

He likes to blow up even a small achievement, even being dishonest about what actually happened.

I love success and honor those who become truly successful … but you have to put it in context.

Truly successful people do not let themselves go to another invention / ideas, they create their own.

They don't do everything they need to convince others how much they have achieved; They continue to do what they did well in the first place.

Of all the people I've seen / met that have been a lot of money – all they had in common is that they basically did what "they" wanted to do … and kept doing it (even when they became rich).

Although they may refer to their wealth, it does not really interfere with how much money they have. They used money as a tool and continued to develop as much value as possible – usually because they were worried about what they were doing.

As for Prosalendis, I get a very wonderful feeling from him.

I also get a sense of some of their depths; rather like young Justin Bieber trying to deal with Paparazzi.

I wouldn't trust most of what he puts on social media.

If you are interested in anything that he sells, you need to get confirmation of his results if you really want a perspective on what he is going to deliver.


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