Dad in home school

Mom's home school can soon be overwhelmed by the endless task list of a child's home teaching. Find a new homeschooling curriculum, determine which curriculum to teach and when to teach them, actual implementation of the curriculum, read and explain guidelines for young people, view papers, keep records, update school organizers, get cash-saving addresses, timing of experiments, and monitoring of them, running to and fro in exercises and musical searches … and the list goes on. This is just a small sample of homework related mom requirements. Since these projects are "schools" linked, they do not even begin to scratch the surface "total" home management needs that are prominent on mom's endless … laundry, groceries, preparing meals, cleaning toilets, paying bills, balancing the quick books, weeding the garden, bathing children, picking up toys, changing diapers and so on and so on.

If you take a few minutes to see the true scope and order of my mother's full spectrum of role in the boarding school and home, someone could drive into the funny town! You've probably already figured out that you can't do this alone. That's why I suggest going around Daddy's dad and taking advantage of my homework as much as possible. Of course, you must first have intentional dad or you could end up with more work than what you started with.

If you have your dad ready, willing and able, then you can start turning over some of the task lists to him. With your help you will always start coming up in the air. Here's a short list of the classroom that helps dad do it (1) take some burdens off your hard drive and (2) don't overpower him and his schedule:

  • Field Trips – Dads LOVE this!
  • Scientific research – Another dad favorite!
  • Taxi Dad – a very easy way to help mom.
  • Read Alouds – Great way to promote a loving family environment.
  • General and / or random questions – Dad can even relieve the pressure on mom's shoulders by running randomly at random.

When father has made it easier to be a relief worker with some of the fun parts of the home school curriculum he might be ready to take some more difficult tasks in the future!


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