Cunninlingus for beginners – 3 steps to make it squeal with joy!

One of the hardest things to do as a guy is to go down to a girl and offer amazing cunnilingus. In all honesty, it takes a few exercises and some learn from different methods that work incredibly well. But there are definitely some things you can do as a beginner to make it squeal in absolute joy. Let get started:

1. Get it up. Do not dive right away, but warm it up by kissing, touching and licking. Take the tour in the city center easily. When you're there, you want to keep warming up the things by kissing and licking your legs and vagina. When you hear that she gets excited, you can zero a clitor and go to work.

2. Be gentle with a flat tongue. You can experiment later with a stronger, more pronounced language, but for beginners, it's best to use a flat language for the first time. Girls can be very sensitive and many have stated that a company, pointed tongue can be too strong. Be gentle and find her out. If it is sensitive then take it slowly and maneuver slowly.

3. Use this technology. For good starter technology, simply focus on the language circles. Just go round and round your tongue like you're calling. This is a simple but effective technique. Besides the action of the circle, you can change the speed, you can move from small circles to single larger circles and then back to small, and you can make a circular spiral as you begin to grow small and gradually and turn it back. There are many variations that you can perform, just to monitor and see how well it responds to the particular ringing technology you're delivering.


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