Create a great program for back to school today

Back to school day is always an exciting time for all students, parents and teachers. It's a time to summarize the past and look forward to better times. As the most important and positive role models for students, parents and teachers need to make a comprehensive, detailed preparation to set up a special start for students. Here are some helpful ideas to help you create a satisfactory schedule for your school day.

Prepare the First Idea Cart

First-day activity can help students build interest in learning in a new season and encourage their passion for communicating with others. Creating a first day checklist with lots of interesting and important ideas is essential for all teachers. And you can find many great ideas by interacting with other online teachers. Here are some typical ones that you can use.

~ Revision Name: Take a picture for every student holding a blank card. Then ask to print and install their images as a tablet. Let the student write their own names on the mixed card in the picture and make a presentation yourself. It is encouraging and fun.

~ Schooling: Tell your class to go to school. You can also invite their parents to participate. Start the tour by visiting the principal, the other teacher and the students. Don't forget to take a picture on the go. When you return to the classroom, ask students to share their experiences.

~ Quizzes and Games: Make crossword puzzles or Bingo maths to find their names and match them. Poetry competition or team contemplation to tell their stories is also good activity.

Line up homework online

Gathering student information and helping them finish their homework code is very useful to approach and set up a teaching plan at the end of the summer vacation. It is quite difficult to worry about all the students in the past. Nowadays, most public libraries offer a variety of free homework for the student. You can request government permission to open such services. On the other hand, there is something more you can do for students.

Some video sites that offer video sending services can be the key to helping students finish their homework before returning to school. You can create a PowerPoint presentation to make further learning about the difficulty level according to student feedback. Then turn your PowerPoint presentation into a video and add a storytelling report. Once the tutorial video is complete, publish it on a thumbnail like YouTube and notify students to view it online. They can leave comments as feedback if they have questions. By collecting these answers, teachers can easily find each student's weak point and do a graduate course to help students solve the most common questions.

In addition, online testing or questionnaires are also a good addition to the exam and understand the student's condition. All this is to ensure the successful education of all students in your class.

Create Guidance on Promotion of Registration

When school day comes, school administrators are busy with registration of supervisors for innovation and new students. Because the school management system is complex and can hardly be explained in words and mastery in a short time. Teachers can create some visible instructions for freshmen in the back of school.

To create tutorials, a screen recorder offers a convenient and quick way to change boring manuals into visual images. The video program shows students how to operate the check-in system step-by-step. It includes how to enter their names, record numbers, add information, arrange lessons, and participate in clubs on the school's website. Teachers create presentations, record the entire process as a slide show and place them on the website, so that the students can watch the teaching certificates and complete the enrollment themselves.

The video camera can create additional video guides, including how to use the library management system, tutorial, and e-learning system. Furthermore, teachers can use it to create courses for online courses.


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