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Today, Apple stands for innovation, reliability and cold products. It reflects activity, balance with the beauty of the product. The company has managed to reverse the field of wires that are hidden in the study of the "must-have" lifestyle issues. Few people know that we could have an iPod and iPhone mobile device (iPod and iPhone) and iMac (iMac) 10 years before. Even fewer people understand how Apple is going to change their lives and affect their future.

Shoveled out of paradise through Windows Bill Gates

By the end of 1970, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak appeared on Apple Macintosh, commonly shortened by Apple Mac, the first commercial computer personal computer to feature mouse and graphical user interface (GUI, prominent gooey ) instead of administrative interface.

At the beginning of the 1980s, Jobs was among the first to see a business-led mouse-based GUI. Jef Raskin, Apple's employee, who realized an easy-to-use, cheap computer for average users, would like to mention the computer for his favorite Apple applet, McIntosh but the name had to be changed for legal reasons. The tag, the apples with a bit taken out of it represents the taste of forbidden fruit, truly delivered just that. In 1985, the combination of Mac, Apple LaserWriter printers and Mac-specific software, such as Aldus PageMaker, enabled users to design, preview and print pages with text and graphics functionality that would have become known as desktop publishing (DTP). Initially, DTP was unique for Macintosh (yes, it was life for Microsoft and Bill Gates) but eventually became available to IBM PC users as well.

The company's market share spread in the 1990s as the personal computer (PC) market was transferred to computers that were IBM-compatible when Microsoft started running the Windows operating system (Windows) instead of an old-fashioned and bulky MS-DOS operating system (MS-DOS ). For many serious computer enthusiasts, Windows was seen as a rip of Apple's operating system, complimented by Mr. Gates. It did not stop Bill's appetite Bill; Internet Explorer Internet Explorer (Internet Explorer) is another rip-off – this time with Netscape as the victim.

In 1988 Apple appealed to Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard for a copyrighted GUI cited by using rectangular, overlapping and resetable windows. Unfortunately for computer users worldwide, the case was decided against Apple after four years, as were later games. I'm sorry because the world would have been a better place if Apple had been allowed to become a dominant desktop computer. Imagine what life would be like we had iPod, iMac, and iPhone 10 years ago!

In 1998, Apple collapsed with a wide range of desktop imagery for the "Bondi Blue" iMac G3 all in one, with great success in selling and using the Macintosh brand. One of the first products made by Steve Jobs CEO since leaving the company in the mid-1980s, he bought Apple back in profitability. A semi-transparent blue plastic skin, later in many other colors, is considered an industrial brand late in the latter part of the nineteenth century. By introducing color, Steve Jobs changed the idea from Henry Ford (Gates / Dell) the famous statement that you could have any color as long as it was black (gray) in any color you wanted. Companies received Apple Macs as fashion accessories. The recipients showed their iMacs on their tables, regardless of the suicide run (colored by their own), their own computer's own computer skills.

Apple's focus on design has allowed each of its following products to create a distinctive identity, and Steve Jobs officially stated that "our computer looks better than anyone else." The iMac was known for television, in movies and in print. This increases Apple's brand awareness and built-in iMac in popular culture.

IMac and other Macintosh computers can also be seen in a variety of movies, advertisements and TV shows (both live and animated). The iMac has also got a review of critical climate as a "Gold Standard of Desktop Computer". Forbes magazine describes the original candy colored line of iMac computers as "industry-changing success".

"Blue and White" artistic look was applied to Power Macintosh. The latest iMac and eMac computers were accompanied by a new design and released a number of colors for white plastic. The current Mac system is primarily intended for home, education and creative professional markets and using a multifunctional device. Today, many computer designers are aware of before iMac introduced. Multi-shaded design systems are now quite common and some desktops and laptops are available in colorful, decorative patterns.

Using Apple on translucent candy plastic inspired similar designs in other consumer goods. Grilling machine, portable electronics, pencil, video game consoles and peripherals (including Nintendo 64, which was released in a special version of "Funtastic" colors), featuring translucent plastic. Apple's introduction of iPod, iBook G3 and iMac G4, all with snow-white plastic, inspired similar designs in electronics.

In recent years, Apple has seen a significant increase in Mac's sales. This is partly due to the success of the iPod, a halo effect in which satisfied iPod owners buy more Apple equipment. iPod has revised brand awareness of the Mac line that had not been seen since its original release in 1984. Between 2001 and 2007, Mac sales rose steadily annually. In October 2007, Apple announced a shipment of 2 164 000 Macs, with the exception of the previous business directory for quarterly Mac shipments by more than 20%.

The ability and ability to run Windows on the same hardware means that a much larger Windows software base is not ruled out. Apple has made its technology more accessible and reduced resistance to changes that could be found by users of the Windows PC. In the first quarter of 2008, Apple Mac computers accounted for a total of 66% of all computers sold over 1,000 US dollars and 14% of all sold computers. Market research indicates that Apple draws its customers from a higher revenue demographic base than the general computer market. Steve Jobs, founder, chairman and CEO of Apple Inc. and former CEO of Pixar Animation Studios, is a characteristic, individualized Silicon Valley entrepreneur, focusing on the importance of design while understanding the important role of aesthetics play.

Steve Jobs, founder, chairman and CEO of Apple Inc. in a public appeal. Steve Jobs himself can be seen as a big part of Apple's brand success. Steve Jobs is Apple. Some brands use superstars – Apple used Steve. His work in continuing to develop products that are both practical and elegant, has earned him loyalty.

Today, Apple computers are recognized for innovations, convenient operating instructions and reliability that imply resistance to viruses. This is because of a smaller user base, which is equivalent to a smaller target. In addition, Microsoft's code of ethics is considered bad, and Linux and Apple are wonderful, which means fewer viruses are based on Apple's operating system.

In addition, Apple did not make computers of Y2K syndrome because someone used their noodles when writing the code for a daily line. I think Y2K has taken place with Nerd's talent. The fact that countries where very little spent on dealing with Y2K bugs (like Italy and South Korea) went as well as those who spend much more (like UK and US). The lack of computer literacy was the result of preparation prepared or whether the importance of the problem has been overestimated.

In recent years, Apple Inc. has been the branch, introduced and added to other digital electronics. With the introduction of iPod, iTunes application applications and the iTunes Store, the company has called consumer electronics and music distribution. Apple focused on the development of the unique user interface of iPod and its utility, rather than technical capability. Apple iPod, like iMac, has become a fashion accessory and is sold alongside lipstick, clothing and other fashionable items. For Valentine Day 2009, Apple Online Stores offered free graphics on iPod that comes in nine bright colors with curved, all aluminum and glass.

Teenagers think it's the perfect standard that explains all other MP3 players and famous brands. Apple is often featured on vehicles that mark owners. status as an iPod owner. iPods have won numerous awards, from technological advances, to latest audio products, to fourth best computer products in 2006, and PC World says the iPod line has "changed the landscape for portable microphones." A number of industries and companies like Sony Ericsson and Nokia are changing their products to work better with both iPod line and AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) format.

In addition to its reputation as a responsive entertainment device, iPods have also become recognized as a business device. Corporate Governance, Key Organizations and International Organizations have turned to the iPod line as a mode of communication and training – Duke University in the United States has provided iPods with all received freshmen since 2004.

Interestingly, in 2006, Apple's experts dropped Apple & # 39; s predict revenue, citing the market saturation of the iPod as the reason. They were wrong; In April 2007, Apple announced that it had sold 100 million million iPods and in September 2008, more than 173 million iPods have been sold worldwide and made it the most popular digital audio game in history. market share of 73%.

In 2007, Apple entered a mobile phone service with a presentation of a cool iPhone, multifunctional device with a spectacular user interface, iPod and Internet device. The Apple iPhone, like iPod, competes with all the competition, such as cruel Blueberry and H @ @ $ & Windows something. Damn, I never remember Hdpt Tytn and had to look it up on Google. Based on the geek & # 39; blogging and rapid decline in market share, it's no surprise: Hdpt Tytn Abortion runs on Windows Mobile software (Windows Mobile), developed by Bill Army itself, absorbed by pizza-gobbling technology and Window Washers.

There are now more than 25,000 applications available for iPhone and even a program called Kindle for iPhone. It supports Amazon Kindle, software and hardware platform that has developed to read e-books and other digital media. No other smartphone is capable of this, so now you can read the Kindle e-book on iPhone.

In 2001, Apple entered the retail market with the first Apple Retail Store, which discussed computers and consumer electronics. As of February 2009, Apple has opened 251 Apple Retail Stores worldwide, including the United States, UK, Canada, Japan, Australia, Switzerland, Italy, Germany and China.

The stores carry Apple computers, software, iPod, iPhone, third-party accessories and other consumer electronics, such as Apple TV. In many stores there are theaters for studios and studios, the studio to train with Apple products and all the shops offer Genius Bar for technical support and repairs, as well as offering a free workshop for the public.

Every Apple Retail Store has a variety of specialized employees for specific projects. The specialist answers a variety of service projects. An expert answers technical questions about Apple products, as well as third-party accessories and Genius at Genius Bar, issues issues with Apple products, as well as repairing or delivering services. Impressions offer training on various Apple professional software for the composition of music and film production. All Geniuses and Creatives are trained and certified at Apple's headquarters in the United States.

Opening computers have become a special event among greedy Mac users, attracting thousands of customers who set up for a day break or even the night before. The first thousand customers receive a free T-shirt bearing the name in the store. Apple has won numerous building prizes for its designs in the store. A testimony of innovations of visual ideology and company standards is one of the most prominent Apple Retail Stores located on Fifth Avenue in New York City. The glass cube containing the giant absent Apple brand is the only part of the Apple Retail Store rising above the plaza level. Once inside, customers take a central cylindrical transparent glass elevator or surrounding spiral level for sale floor below.

Apple Retail Stores also provides the company with an ideal platform to receive critical input directly from customers who visit their stores, such as likes, dislikes and tips. Prior to the arrival of Apple Retail Stores, this information was usually sent from a third-party reseller and was often inaccurate, inadequate and distributed.

Forbidden Fruit Against The Shelf

Microsoft groups should keep in mind that by the end of 2008, Apple Mac computers had market share of 14% of all the sold computers and iPhone sales were conducted in Research In Motion & # 39; s (RIM) BlackBerry sales of 5.2 million units by the end of 2008 after being marketed for less than two years. Apple iPod has a market share of 73% of all MP3 players sold. For the final spin of the knife, when it's been pushed into the beautiful and deep Mozilla browser, Firefox (Phoenix from Netscape ashes on the Internet Microsoft Explorer) has increased its market share to 23.3% in August 2009. Apple's app Safari (Safari) has a share of 4.1%. As a result, Microsoft Internet Explorer's market share decreased 66%, the biggest loss since 2008, and despite launching Internet Explorer 8 in March 2009.

Apple Macs have always been reliable and innovative, and have the world's most advanced operating system, but potential customers only discovered this after having an ipod or iphone These two products are less than half the price of an Apple Mac computer and have described the customer for Apple products & # 39; Legendary brains and beauty. This has created the halo effect that encourages people to buy and test other Apple products, such as the MacBook (Apple Laptop Edition) – which represents Apple's largest share of Apple's market share. – and browser, Safari. The world can be challenging and is allowed to taste a banned fruit.

With Goliath firmly at David's point of view, it's no surprise that Steve Jobs was listed as the most powerful customer of Fortune Magazine 2007, named Apple Inc., the largest company in the United States in 2008 and in the world in 2009.

Only as a bill with all its money and power would love to copy the most, but this is unfortunately lack of Microsoft, is the Own Brand Apple: the Apple brand that stands for cool innovation and reliability. Sorry Bill, fortunately, this is intellectual property rights and you can not touch it. This leads me to the Macintosh clone case. In 1995, Apple Mac computers accounted for 7% of the global desktop computer market. Apple executives decided to launch official clone applications to expand Macintosh market penetration. This led to licensing on Macintosh ROM (read-only memories) and software software, which created fast revenue for Apple during the financial crisis.

Want to buy Hackintosh?

Soon after Steve Jobs returned to Apple, he emphasized recently renegotiated licenses with Mac OS operating system software (Mac OS) licensees, as they were not yet economically viable. Clone Manufacturers & # 39; Licenses were only valid for Mac OS 7, and with Apple Mac OS 8 version, clippers were unable to send current Mac OS versions. Apple bought a Mac Componing Mac Clone company for 100 million US dollars and ended the clone era.

Wikipedia explains that: "Employees officially believed that the program was unclear and had been the result of" guilty ", which means that for many years, there had been a broad belief in Apple that had the company in place of a legal cleavage plan. In Macintosh's history, consumers could turn to Macintosh's Macintosh clicks rather than cheaper IBM / PC-compatible computers. Microsoft's current position – a highly-powered company with high levels of profitability and a wide base of consumers constantly dependent on its software products.

Employees said it was too late to happen that the Mac Clone program was found to be a malfunction from the beginning and then Apple made money primarily by selling computer equipment, it did not buy a program that would reduce hardware sales. [19659004] After a lot of benefits in Apple's market share for success i Pod, l Arge computer manufacturers like Dell have declared a renewed interest in creating a Macintosh clone. Apple vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing, Phil Schiller, said the company was not going to let people run Mac OS X on other computer manufacturers & # 39; hardware. "We will not allow running Mac OS X on anything other than the Apple Mac," he said.

However, edited versions of Mac OS X v10.4 and 10.5, known as Mac OSx86, can be used on public computer hardware. In April 2008, Psystar Corporation announced the release of a PC with Mac OSx86 preloaded, called OpenComputer, which makes them the first business-related "Hackintoshes". In July 2008, Apple filed a lawsuit against Psystar. Psystar Corporation was rejected in November 2008.

In December 2008, Psystar Corporation reviewed revised requirements and in May 2009, Psystar Corporation filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, which would allow the company to pay off debt and return as a company in the future. However, the company continues to sell their computers with Apple Mac OS X Leopard installed. Do you want to buy Hackintosh from them?

As Mac OS X PC is Mac OS X, the slogan PearC, a German company that uses illegal legal loopholes in German law prohibits PC hardware to sell with Mac OS X pre-installed in central Europe. The trademark is terminated by Apple's trademark. The design is a pear complete with stems and leaves (located opposite the Apple) at the top of the fruit. A license agreement for Mac OS X bans third party installations v10.5 Leopard and V10.6 Snow Leopard and we have to wait and see what features Apple will take in the future.

So why does not Apple want to run well and popular Mac OS X so great for Windows on other computer manufacturers & # 39; hardware? The suggestion is in Phil Schiller Apple's words: "… and since Apple made money primarily by selling computer equipment, it did not buy any software that would reduce hardware sales." Apple has taken a long time in the market as a whole: the company does not restrict you from having Mac OS X but it comes with Apple's hardware. The same applies to other hardware and software providers, such as Garmin.

Mac is Apple, the only hardware that can run Mac OS X and Windows.

This is one of the special special features or brand indications that makes it extremely valuable for current and future customers. This capability now enables the customer to get the best from both the computer and Mac world. Over time, with Apple's increased market share (which could lead to reduced prices), a growing reputation for high design and reliable hardware platforms that run a steady operating system including Windows, customers will gradually migrate to Mac computers. Thanks for Apple, it's definitely a brave new world waiting for us.

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