Childbirth fertility – this can be done with lunch at school

Although there are some models for lunch in schools that show how tasty school food can be, they are not the norm. In fact, if you talk to the children who attend the school district, you may find that either a) the school is not following healthy food recommendations or b) the food is miserable. Here are some things to think about.

1) Quality Costs : If you've been on the market lately, you might notice the cost of fresh meat and produce. If you pay $ 25 for the beef for your family, it is hard on the budget to try to buy good meat for school.

When our children were young, we were told that they had switched to healthy food. Unfortunately, when the salad in the salad baby is rusted and the other vegetable is difficult to distinguish it is not suitable for me to be healthy. Neither is the cheese pizza with a tablespoon of fat in the middle. Stay there, eat it.

2) Taste : Three things bring a lot of flavor to food in a cheap way. They are salt, sugar and fat. It's strange what we expect to diminish to get a healthy lunch. Some schools have cut them. Some have not. At the end, both can lead to obesity in children.

3) Food waste by school Munchies : If a child is served healthy food that does not taste good, the food is not going to be. It will go to the trash and your baby will wait for school to face the famine.

Without mom and dad, only healthy food at home guess what the child is eating? If your child walks past the stores that carry potato chips and candy bars, guess what will be bought? Now we are not just wasting food we are introducing to bad eating habits.

What to do : None of the above needs to happen. There are ways to cheaper healthy food. I do it all the time and I'm not a professional chef. There are several schools that grow their own vegetables. This adds to training and learning all the food experience.

Some schools buy locally, especially in areas of the country that can grow more than one harvest per year. This cuts prices, promotes local economies, and has not sat in coolers for six weeks waiting to be needed.

This is something that parents and grandmothers need to demand. Talk to the school. Talk to the chefs to see what they need. Bring a plan and get to know it. It can be done.


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