Case Study – Online College Works Collection Software to Reduce AR Outstanding

The challenge – The University uses advanced campus software (CampusVue) which provides students with registration and collection. The school has 150,000 students who measure both online and at local universities. Assessment requirements are paid with a combination of direct payments, grants, grants and loans. The variety of accounts needed a custom solution for collectors to view the account status specifically for the collection process.

The problem – The student accounts are very complex with fees and payments that cover several semesters and courses with multiple payment instruments. Monitoring temporary accounts requires a system to contact the student when payments are not received and set up a payment method that will continue to hold student accounts. When the congregation contacts the student, all accounts that are due must be displayed in both summary and detail.

The Discovery – The telecommunications system was well-equipped to send out timely bills at the beginning of each semester and at a significant stage of the semester. With many different programs and separate universities, each with their own staff for the bursary, it became clear that the head office to collect last year's accounts was most appropriate. It was also clear that the billing software was not designed to track events involved in accumulating invoices that were significantly maturing.

The Solution – Collection software was hired to collect invoices previously calculated. The software is designed to automate most of the typical processes needed before performing manual processing. Invoices automatically have characters sent on a given day depending on whether they are present. When payments are received, they are automatically updated both in the collection system and in the school system. Collector queue can be created on any basis including temporary balance, date of payment, and special school attendance. By combining the accounts with rank, the collector works a group of accounts with similar criteria.

Invoices that require personal communication to flow automatically in the collector queue. Automatic calls are also provided that provide automatic dial-up routines that will play automatic messages and deliver calls to collectors that increase collector productivity by 300%.

The Implementation – A software company worked directly with the school IT and Collections Department staffs to integrate software activity through registration and billing management software. The key to success was the co-ordination of two systems so that the operation of both software and software collection was updated simultaneously.

The results – The University has reduced the time needed to process accounts that have moved into the library. Accounts receivable for the period have improved significantly. The information entered into the collection system is updated in the main account system daily and keeps both systems in sync. The school has recognized additional income from student accounts and has added a number of student accounts that had previously been determined to be mandatory.


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