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Moving with children of all ages can be a concern for both parents and young people. The location of the right school is also an important factor in determining where you want to live.

There is clearly a lack of information on the Internet about both the school system and the school courses here in South Africa. Through research, secondary school studies and educational contacts, Space has developed school and kindergartens that removes the guesswork from the importance of choosing the right school for your children. Many parents are not happy to rely on the ridiculous information they find by chance, but want to get an unbiased human content on this big decision, not the stress of statistics.

We recommend relevant schools and preschools in the local area with detailed information about their facilities and academic standards. We pre-visit the schools you choose for your shortlist and ask all the relevant questions you need to answer and help you choose the best option for your kids. We confirm availability of posts, arrange visits (and follow if necessary), handle all application forms and, if necessary, indicate that advisory counselors can assist in specific requests, such as special needs.

Things You Need to Know:

* The list of best schools is common. Get your application a year in advance if you can. However, in our experience "no" does not always mean "no".

* Schools in SA start most of the school year in January, so if you are moving from Europe or elsewhere through August / September, there will be a small difference. This may affect your transfer date.

* Remember that the school holiday will reflect December / January summer – The main holiday day in the school calendar is about 5-6 weeks from the beginning of December.

* If you come to kindergarten then try to organize your trip when the schools are actually opened as their holiday is completely different from the world. Most schools are on vacation in the coming weeks (allow a week for each side for different years 🙂 December 5 – January 21. April 3 – April 15, June 26 – July 20th. September 24th. – Oct. 5th.

* Most well-known schools, not only international schools, can handle students coming later in the school year.

* Most schools require registration fees to be on their waiting list. (Eg R250)

* Once you have been offered a place, you must pay a location fee – the standard amount for a private school is R2.500.

* If you are visiting school, give as much information as possible to each child – birth certificate, vaccination card, school reports (latest you can get), information and contact number for the school to a minimum.

* If your child has a particular learning disability, submit an assessment that has been made for your child to shelter local authorities in accordance with the child's requirements. Preferably, a psychologist's education report was made in the last six months and information about drugs.

* Most schools choose to meet the children, not just the parents.

* Allow plenty of time to visit school at your time in Cape Town. It is important to meet the right people, who often teach, so that supply can be difficult. Make sure you have a copy of all the questions you need to answer.

* Many customers about business movements have not been informed about the need for a study permit. Your children need a study permit unless they have SA citizenship. It is absolutely important that you apply for this before your children will start a school in SA, as proof of this application will be required by the school together with payment of a fee. Some schools do not allow children to start before you receive these licenses, which take up to 45 days to be acquired, so you need to plan as much as possible. Please check our Immigration Policy section for more information.


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