Bible Schools and Bible Study – What to Expect, How to Apply and Organize

Accepted by Bible Study or Bible Study: Basics

Be sure to consider all application information, all deadlines and so forth, as you plan for a Bible study. Your first consideration should be your desire to meet: it must be strong and clear.

First of all, you need to study a Bible or university and you need to learn and grow in your understanding and relationship with Christ. Schools also need at least 17 years of age at the start date and the end of elementary school.

Often there is no time limit for applying. Many spots are available for both men and women; When filled, a waiting list is set. Approval for next fall will begin in November or December. To get the maximum opportunity to sign in, make sure that your completed application is received as soon as possible. Starting in June, the registration will be strengthened and students are often transferred from waiting list to full confirmation status at that time.

If you are studying a Bible study in another country, make sure that you have the simple information about getting visas, travel requirements, and arrival and departure information.

What are typical students like?

Bible students vary from age to age, and change every year. Most of them are recently completed in high school and half are ages 17 to 19 years old. Many, however, are at the age of 20 and some are 30 years old, even 40 years of age 70! Every year is unique, with a great variety of age, culture, background and so on.

homework? You need to check out a particular school, but many receive home school departments. Normally, the only requirement is that they are a certain age … in Canada it is often at least 17 years in early September. Those 16 years and older have experienced difficulties in adapting to society and the campus.

Funding, Budget and Expenditure for Bible Study or University

Budget and funding are very important components of planning for upper secondary education and you need to consider educational costs, other typical expenses like medical expenses, toilet charges etc. while you are a student.

The cost of the Bible needs to be organized. To get maximum comfort and peace of mind it is important to consider a lot of finances … you want to have financial peace of mind while studying.

In September to May, the cost of a Canadian Bible study costs generally about 10,000 to 12,000 CAD. Some of these amounts can be considered as charitable contributions for tax purposes – check with an accountant or tax advisor. This contribution status applies to those who submit student education.

Spend money

Schools suggest a budget to spend $ 200 to $ 300 a month. This covers personal items like laundry, cosmetics, personal entertainment, breaks, transportation and so on.

Additional Costs

Schools often drive 2 to 4 driving trips over the years, running around $ 100 to $ 150 each. Students will be budgeting $ 200 to $ 300 for books; This amount is usually charged at Registration. Note that books are often sold to students with a discount through the campus.

Students also want a copy of the annual yearbook that can run at about 20 to 40 krónur per book.

Medical Insurance

In British Columbia, all students can apply for coverage in British Columbia Medical. The cost is about $ 70 a month; This may vary from other jurisdictions. There is a 3 month waiting period for non-Canadian people, but coverage is also for this period, approximately the same price. It is normal for all students to have health insurance while studying in the Bible course and documentation about the program should be shown on registration.

Assistance in a Bible Study

What you learn outside the class is often as important as what you learn inside. Your activities in the Bible do not start and end in lectures. Think about surrounding communities, outdoor facilities and cities as settings for your education. There are many possibilities there. Gymnastics, sporting events, tours, breaking activities, going to church etc.

It's usually a college campus, with some organized sports programs on the student group. Sample sports include volleyball, baseball, basketball, football, frisbee and so on.

Going to church at the school or college

Usually, the school has to go to church every Sunday to pick up the services you choose. There are often several churches near the campus of various churches. Many in the municipality will even offer church to happy students if the church is too far to walk comfortably from the campus.

Students who come by car can of course choose churches removed from the campus. A list of churches is usually provided upon registration.

Travel for Entertainment and Education

Bible schools often organize trips to local Christian congregations in provinces. This can drive thousands of participants and you may be given the opportunity to serve as part of the organizational groups that offer these conferences. Also, students often have the opportunity to talk to the conference, talk to missionary representatives around the world to get a good idea of ​​how they could participate in this type of activity.

Presence in the Bible School: Coming and Starting

Bible schools will expect students to be fully sanctified lectures, study programs and studies. This is all required, and students also need to understand that they must match the program as it is run every day. Punctuality is important, and students need to work together so that the school can work well. You must expect to complete all courses; It means coming on the first day of the courses and going on the last day.

Most Bible Studies offer a one year program. Students are set up to organize the course but not to offer the possibility of separate check-in for each semester.

If there is no full registration in the September Championship, or if a student has to be withdrawn, a student is often acknowledged at the beginning of next semester. Usually, this is not something you can predict.

Free time and your personal life

Usually, some lunch is available for free and on weekends also offer free time. Ask your Bible School Administrator about a weekly sample schedule. During this free time, check the schedule for scheduled adverse events, results, and other weekly and monthly events. You need to plan your own time to complete your task on time, as well as take care of your laundry, companionship, exercise, and so on. You can freely use the gym, computer facilities and so on, as accessible at this time. Weekend is your premature untimely time to choose activities according to your own priorities.

Working during a Bible Study

The course code is usually 100%, so with all the tasks involved in student life, there is no time for external jobs. Schools usually consider this disturbance for purpose and emphasis on the program. In addition, if students participate in day-to-day work in the campus, there can not be a chance in the campus for work.

Dear Guidelines

Bible schools usually require a clean, modest, neat dress, worthy of anyone who wants to worship Christ. Show mildness at all times, regardless of race and development. It may be a special Sunday evening dress for local churches … you would like to contact the school about this.


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